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You’re a beneficiary

Long before her death, my mom one day called all of us children together at her house. She had decided that everything that would eventually end up being part of her estate would find an owner that day.

So, all of us, from the eldest to the youngest, took turns at choosing something, which was written down with your name next to it. We kept going until all the valuable items had been allocated to a new owner.

On the day that she died, everything had been neatly sorted and everybody got what had been written on that piece of paper years ago. Even though a fair number of in-laws and even grandchildren had joined the family in the meantime, they weren’t on the list. Only my mom’s children made the queue.

When it comes to Jesus’ inheritance, we’re not treated as in-laws. No, we’re treated as blood brothers and blood sisters. We inherit exactly the same as Jesus.

Jesus did more at the cross than simply taking the punishment for our sins. His blood that was spilt incorporated us into God’s family, and that’s why our names are on the list and we inherit everything, just like Jesus.

Barnes (eSword) uses a very simple image to explain this better. Ivy climbing up an oak tree grows tightly against the bark of the tree. The roots grow into the grooves in the bark. But the ivy is not part of the tree. But that’s not how we are with Jesus.

No, we become one with Him. We live with Him. His Holy Spirit lives in us and the net effect is that our names are on the list of beneficiaries of the inheritance: 14 If we can only keep our grip on the sure thing we started out with, we’re in this with Christ for the long haul.

But there’s a catch, or rather a condition. We must do our part. With everything in us, we must keep our grip on the promise of the inheritance. Everywhere along the way those whose names are not on the list are going to be so jealous and try and draw you away.

They are jealous of the sparkle in our eyes and do not want us to show joy. They are going to come with stories to deceive us and to say that the inheritance does not exist. We are stupid to believe such nonsense.

Then we have to get up and lean on our trust in God, showing them that nothing will take us from God’s hands. With everything in us we know that Jesus had died for us. We believe strongly that we have become one with Him and that is why we are blood brothers and blood sisters.

What awesome prospect for all who believe!

Hebrews 3:7-19

What does your inheritance look like?
What does your trust look like?
Are you going to make it?

Jesus, what an awesome promise! It is just too huge for me to understand. Please help me to make it part of my life now and to live it! Amen.

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