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Your gifts – your impact

1 Corinthians 12:27-31

Paul clearly explained to the people of Corinth how the gifts worked. He explained that it was just like the way in which the different parts of a body worked. For the body of Christ to work well, each part must do its bit. If one part doesn’t do what it should, the body of Christ doesn’t function well. Therefore, Paul ends with an instruction: 31Only as you accept your part of that body does your “part” mean anything.

But when I look around me, I see many body parts that aren’t working well and often it’s not because Christians are lazy and don’t want to work. Often it’s because many do not know what their gifts are. And after going through Paul’s list again and again, you may still feel uncertain.

I got the list below from Moreleta Park Congregation. Read through the list slowly. Look specifically at the explanation in brackets and choose two or three that suit you:

·         Apostle (new services, envisioning)

·         Administration (organisation, effectiveness, order, structure)

·         Distinction (purity, clarity, insight)

·         Skilled (aids, communication)

·         Comfort (encouragement, strengthening faith, diligence)

·         Creative communication (creative expression of the gospel)

·         Helpful (support, basis, empowerment)

·         Hospitable (trust, visible love)

·         Belief (direction, God’s promises and care)

·         Generosity (resources, care, encouragement)

·         Evangelise (new believers, crossing borders with the gospel)

·         Heal (wholeness, God’s power, healing brokenness)

·         Miracles (God’s power and omnipotence)

·         Intercession (provision, protection, insight)

·         Leadership (direction, vision, relationship-building, motivation)

·         Knowledge (pure teaching, revelation, practical teaching)

·         Charitable (alleviating need, “Jesus’ hands”)

·         Interpretation (an uplifting message)

·         Education/Teaching (applying your faith in practice)

·         Pastor (care, guidance, community)

·         Speaking in tongues (message, deepening, wisdom)

·         Wisdom (clarity, planning, insight)

·         Prophecy (correction, confession, warning)

A gift is what comes naturally to you. What you like to do. That gives you energy. What you do without needing external motivation.

All that God asks from you is to use your gift in his Kingdom. Well, actually it’s an instruction. Now that you know what your gifts are, look for places to use them. If we all do that, the world will be completely different. Then the body of Christ will be healthy.


What gives you energy?

What are your gifts?

Where can you use them to make an impact?


Father, thank you for giving me gifts. I know I’ve hidden them sometimes, but the time has come to take them out, dust them off and use them to make an impact in your new world. Take my hand and show me how to use them. Amen

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