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Your CV please

Philippians 1:1-2

As a businessman I never had a good track record when it came to making new appointments. It’s always such a process to appoint new people, because first you have to place the right advertisement, then you receive thousands of electronic CVs, and then you have to choose those you want to interview.

The last three or four appointments hardly lasted three months. It seems I went through secretaries quite fast.

Although we clearly stated in advertisements that we only needed a one page CV, some applicants came close to using a whole tree to explain where they were at that stage of their lives. Usually, their story started just this side of their birth in the De Aar Hospital.

And again and again there would be something in the CV that seemed somewhat far from the truth. One of the first questions would be: “I see on your CV you know Pastel?” (an accounting programme).


A far-off look in the eyes and a slow dawning of comprehension from somewhere: “Yes, I know her, but I can’t remember from where. Maybe we were at school together in De Aar Primary.”

Maybe someone should research how much truth you can find in CVs.

Paul and Timothy’s CVs were brief: 1Paul and Timothy, both of us committed servants of Christ Jesus … Short and sweet!

This CV shows clearly what their lives are about and what they spend their time and energy on. Every part of their existence is characterised by and covered in the things of Jesus Christ.

Do you want to know what I do? I do only the things of the Lord! Do you want to know what is most important in my life? Jesus Christ. I strive to satisfy Christ’s interests with everything in my power. No, not my own – therefore, I would even give my life for Him.

This is a powerful CV and based on all the books written by Paulus, we know that his and Timothy’s CVs are the truth and not like ours when we try and manipulate people into giving us a job.

But if you were blessed to write letters to other Christians, how would your CV have been summarised at the top of the letter?

Well, I’m indeed writing to other Christians. What can I write at the top? GB, man of God? GB, example of a true child of God? GB, always thinking of God? Or GB, not of this world, but always close to God?

Ashamed I look away, because I don’t think I can give a resounding “Yes!” to all these questions. Why do we stumble so often? Because we’re only human?

And you?


How does your shortened CV compare to that of Paul and Timothy?

Where do you fail?

What do you have to change?


Lord, I realise once again that I fall short. Somewhere I lean too much towards the world and too little towards You. This is clearly visible on my CV. That is why I really, really want to live more like You. Amen

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