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You know the Shepherd

The author of Hebrews opens the window wide so that we can see exactly what our Jesus looks like. This first chapter is remarkable and we get to know 12 characteristics of Jesus: Son of God, Heir of All, Creator of the world, Light of the world, the image of God, Maintainer of the universe, perfect High Priest, Superior to the angels, Exalted King, Lord of righteousness, the Eternal and Ultimate Conqueror.

We serve and awesome Lord. He is indeed the Wholly Other. There is no one like Him. The question is, do we really know Him? Does He live in us?

Once a famous actor was invited as guest of honour to a dinner at a retirement home. After the dinner the actor’s many famous successes were praised and, in closing, he was asked to perform something. He asked whether there was a special request from the audience.

The people were a bit shy and not so familiar with his repertoire. Then an elderly pastor got up. “Could you please recite Psalm 23 for us?”

The actor was somewhat baffled – he was well-known for his Shakespeare performances – but only for a moment.

“With pleasure,” he said charmingly. “I think I still know the words.”

As he started reciting in his beautiful voice and pure intonation, the audience was spellbound. Never before had the well-known psalm sounded so melodious to them. At the end the audience applauded spontaneously.

“Thank you, thank you.” The actor was visibly affected by the audience’s appreciation for his effort.

Spontaneously he said: “But now I would like to ask a favour. Could the person who requested the psalm please also recite it for us?”

“Me?” the elderly man of God asked surprised. “I know nothing about performing. And my voice is rather poor. But since you ask it as a favour, I can’t refuse.”

The actor gestured for him to come forward, but the old man smiled: “I’ll just stand here at my seat.” Then he started reciting in his quite scratchy voice.

At the end of the psalm there was no applause, but the whole audience sat silently with bowed heads and there was not one dry eye in the room.

“Do you see the difference?” the actor asked, moved as well. “I reached your eyes and ears, but this man touched your hearts. You see, I know David’s psalm, but he knows the Shepherd …

May we discover more and more of Jesus every day. May we really get to know Him. May we meet Him in our hearts.

Hebrews 1:10-14

Do you really know Jesus?
Is He in your heart or in your head?
Can others see it?

Jesus, how can I remain untouched when I realise who You truly are and what You do for me? I simply want to love You more and more. Please come and live in my heart. Amen.

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