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You are in control!

I wonder, do you sometimes feel that you are unable to correct others? I sometimes feel that I’m too sinful or simply lack the ability and energy to work in the Kingdom of God. Yes, I know all of us are called to make a difference in the world, but often it feels to me as if I don’t have the tools to do so.

As I’m sitting here typing, a prayer request from a friend appears on WhatsApp. Her husband is a director at a big company. Two weeks ago, a virus infected their computer systems. It’s known as a ransom virus, because the people behind the virus mess with your data so that you can’t use it. Then you have to pay millions in ransom before they give you a key to repair everything.

My friend refused to pay, because often the crooks give a key for half of it and then you have to pay millions more to put the other half right.

My friend doesn’t have the answer. But they’ve been working day and night for two weeks to find solutions. He and his whole division pray together and work hard. Try this and make new plans. Write new codes. Fight off every attack with everything they have. Although the war has not been won, they’ve been victorious in a few battles.

My friend is an example to me. He is not giving up. He doesn’t say to the other director: “Sorry, I don’t have the tools. We’ll just have to pay what these crooks demand.” No, he gets up and faces the monster head on.

You see, my friend knows who he is. He knows that God walks with him through the war. That’s why he is not afraid. He takes control and does not allow the devil to gain a foothold. Yes, I know he wonders sometimes. There must have been times when he thought about throwing in the towel. But then he gets up and keeps on fighting.

Then I understand this verse better: 15… Build up their courage, and discipline them if they get out of line. You’re in charge. Don’t let anyone put you down. (The Message)

Know that God gives each of us authority. He gives us the key to unlock the doors of the world and free the prisoners. We don’t have to be afraid of the monsters. We shouldn’t think we’re too small, too little, too stupid. God has gifted each of us a good set of tools. We must use these gifts and go and work in God’s world.

Take control. Stand up. Get over your peace. Even if you feel the monster is too big, know that our God is even bigger. He walks with you through his Spirit. He will take the hits. He will pick you up when you stumble and fall and together you will be victorious.

You are in control!

Titus 2:15

What scares you?
Where do you have to take a stand?
Where do you have to lead?

Lord, I don’t feel as if I’m in control, more as if I’m running for cover. Please help me to align my thoughts with your Word and to understand what my authority means with You on my side. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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