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Without baggage

There wasn’t much hope left after man fell into sin. Sin caused hostility between God and man. As a result, man was destined for eternal fire.

It’s still the same today. Sin is still all around us. We’re attached and tempted to do what is wrong around every corner. Just take this example. How quickly do we get angry when someone does something we don’t agree with? That is sin. It is outside God’s will.

Sin is a reality for all of us. Sin is alive and kicking and it is always a struggle to keep standing! Let’s be honest with one another.

When Jesus was on earth, He did not take away sin. Sin is still the result of man’s choice. God gave us a mind to make our own choices. That is why we’re on earth for a period of time – to choose the salvation offered by Jesus or to choose not to take it. And with that same mind we can choose for or against sin. Sadly, all of us at one time or another choose wrong and sin.

The payment for our sin is death. That is God’s punishment for sin. These are the consequences we have to bear. If you sin, you deserve to burn in eternal fire.

Thank you for God’s love and that He did accept this picture. He refused to accept that one person after the other should fall into sin and be condemned to death. So He made a plan. A plan that is too awesome for the human mind to grasp, because how can God sacrifice his Son, have Him put to death for people who keep on making the wrong choices and keep on trying so hard to get away from God?

God’s Son, Jesus Christ, is the answer: 14 … the Son who got us out of the pit we were in, got rid of the sins we were doomed to keep repeating.

By sinning we’re in so much trouble with God. We are moved to tears by the heavy burden we’ve created for ourselves, and worst of all, we cannot do anything to get rid of it. We cannot do a 100 or a 1000 or even 1 million good deeds to wipe out even one sin. We simply do not have the ability.

Thank you that Jesus could take the punishment on our behalf. Jesus bore the effect, the consequences of our sin on the cross. Each time I sin and come to God full of repentance, God is faithful and just and in our place, Jesus takes the punishment for our sin, the punishment that we deserve.

Wow, God has so much love for man. In Jesus’ death on the cross God shows how much He loves us. There is no other or greater proof of love. Jesus bears the consequences, the punishment for my sin on my behalf and I receive so much forgiveness. Jesus takes away the burden we had to carry and therefore I can look into God’s eyes without feeling guilty.

I am free because of what Jesus did. And therefore I have to live like that now. Gratitude must flow from me and others must feel it personally. Let’s live in such a way that will make others long to live without baggage and guilt and turn to Jesus.


Colossians 1:12-14


Do you carry baggage?

Do you believe that Jesus has born the punishment that you deserve?

What must you do now?


Lord, it is beyond my understanding that You have so much love for me that You were prepared to take my punishment and to die as a result of my sin.  May my life be a song that will fill others with gratitude towards You. Amen.

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