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Wishing for …

Paul is passionate about helping young Christians and congregations to keep on the right road. He puts all his efforts into doing as much as he can for others so that they too can enter through the gates of heaven. If, after all Paul’s efforts, people again take the wrong road, his heart sinks into his shoes. He was so upset with the people who sold circumcision to the people as entry ticket to heaven that he actually wished that their knives would slip so that they would cut off their own genitals!

You don’t believe me?

12 Why don’t these agitators, obsessive as they are about circumcision, go all the way and castrate themselves!

Paul calls a spade a spade. I wonder who these people were that were advocating for circumcision? I wonder whether it could have been the church? For years and years they were taught that if you wanted to get into heaven, you needed a snip. What is this new story that it’s no longer necessary? What is this story about grace? They’ve been believing this since their great-great-grandfather’s time, why change now?

So they speak up and try to convince the new Christians of Galatia that circumcision is a prerequisite for getting into heaven. But, OMW, they’ve missed the bus and are muddling along in the wrong direction. How sad. And the worst is that it won’t go well with them on judgement day. Listen to this: 10… But the one who is upsetting you, whoever he is, will bear the divine judgment.

I sometimes wonder whether everything I believe is in line with God’s ideas. There may be some habits and other small things in faith that I’ve grown used to, but that are not exactly in line with God’s idea of faith. Look at the people that Paul described here. Initially, they believed that their faith in Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection were enough for their salvation. But then the other people came and said it was not. And without really thinking it through, without looking to the Spirit to ensure that it was the right directions, a whole lot of people stupidly followed a blind leader. Totally in the wrong direction.

This was so discouraging that Paul wished the knife would slip and cut something off.

But before we start pointing fingers, we must make sure that we are not following a blind leader. As time goes by, all of us accumulate habits and ways that are not in line with the Bible. We believe something easily because our parents’ parents believed it.

Maybe we should come to a standstill and make sure that what we believe and the way in which we live our religion, as well as the impact we have on the people around us speak of the Truth. Paul said a small bit of sourdough can have a significant effect on the rest of the dough. In the same way, you and I can have a major impact on others. Then the question is: Do we have the right sourdough? Do we have a positive influence on others? Are we on the right bus?

Take this thought seriously. I hope that you will keep on searching hard for the truth and that you will allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in the right direction. And that you won’t be part of the crowd that made Paul wish the knife would slip!

Galatians 5:7-12


Do you believe something which is not the whole truth?

Does your salvation depend on something that you must do?

Make sure that you know.



Jesus Christ, your death on the cross saved me from sin. Nothing and nobody could do that. Thank You for your unlimited love. Amen

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