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When you feel happy

Actually, we have so much, even if we don’t have a lot. Actually, life’s easy, even if we struggle to get up. Actually, we’re so happy, even if the tears flow too often.

Martin (not his real name) gives us a glimpse into his life:

Ben, I just want to share something with you. Some days we don’t know how lucky we are to wake up every day and that your loved ones, your family, are still with you.

At school my brother was my hero. He was selected for Craven Week three years in a row, but an accident took him away from us. My father was badly hurt in the same accident and could never work again.

Needless to say, after that I never wanted to drive again.

Life went on and I got married. We have two wonderful sons, one of whom also played at Craven Week last year.

My son wanted to go for a ride with friends one afternoon, but his motorbike was broken. He came and asked if he could use mine.

How quickly can your life fall apart with one phone call? The call that told us my son had been in an accident! Immediately I wondered how hurt he was? Was he still alive?

I would never wish such a situation on anyone on earth. The shock is so great, you don’t know what to do.

When I couldn’t find my son and no one could tell me where he was, I went crazy. When I saw the blood on the motorcycle, it was so, so bad. My child’s blood and I couldn’t find him!

Despite what had happened, my son pushed my motorcycle back and parked it neatly on the lawn. I always used to preach to him about the motorbike and that nothing should happen to it. Now it didn’t matter. Only my son’s life mattered.

Someone picked him up covered in blood at the side of the street and eventually we hear he was in hospital.

We rushed to the hospital and saw him lying there. I just wanted to cry with joy. My child was alive! Unfortunately, he would have to bear the pain alone, but I would help wherever I could to make it easier.

He immediately said he was sorry about the bike. At that point I just wanted to cry and hold him and say, “It’s nothing my child.” You know, you are my everything!”.

Ben, we are so lucky, so blessed. We have to make an effort with each other.

We must count our blessings. We must realize how privileged we are. Yes, in the midst of the bad, we can be happy and 13… Do you feel great? Sing.

James 5:13-20

What can you be thankful for?
Does it bring happiness?
Do you praise the Lord for that?

Father, I realize that I’m not grateful enough. I know that I actually have so much to feel happy and good about. All glory to You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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