God's word in today's world

When someone knocks

Piet tells this story:

I see myself as always being available for God and that is why so many people have come to me for assistance, especially the past 15 years. If we are on the lookout and live in touch with the will of God, we quickly realise when God wants us to do something. God simply wants us to sow the seed; He will do the rest, because He knows more!

About six years ago there was another knock on the door – something that I’ve become used to, since God has sent so many people to me without appointment (sometimes even three a day, and there’s never any conflict!) simply to share the Gospel and then to be a spectator to the greatest wonder in God’s creation by seeing a person being reborn.

Well, there was a knock on the door! The small Uno of this man I didn’t know at all, came to a stop two doors down the street, no petrol. Spiritually he was very down. Discouraged, broken and jobless. He was ± 55 years old and grey already. He was highly qualified: three degrees, one of which was a masters.

I couldn’t really talk to him – he was not receptive because life was just too hard at that moment! All he could talk about was his poetry. I then did something I never do, I called my one son who was staying with me at the time (he worked with drug addicts and like his dad, spread the Gospel wherever he could!) and together we prayed for the man.

Then we helped him with the petrol, inviting him to return sometime to talk about the Lord. I was rather disappointed, because I felt I did not really help at all! I wanted to share the Gospel with him, but he didn’t return – I felt as if I have made a mistake.

Six years went by.

Two weeks ago the front door bell went and a man stood at the door. He asked if I recognized him. I said I didn’t and he replied that I should, because he had also knocked on my door long ago and I had opened the door with an unusual greeting that he would never ever forget as long as he lived! I still couldn’t remember and he explained further and then there was a hint of a memory and I said to him: “You’re the guy who writes poetry!” He replied: ” Yes, and my poetry book is nearly finished and I will soon start looking for a publisher.” He then said that he had come back to witness.

And over a cup of coffee I learnt an important lesson … He said that when my son and I had prayed for him, something flowed through him and from then on his life was changed. Especially his outlook on life.

About three weeks after we had prayed for him, he got a job (in a post that has been vacant only two hours) and was still in the same job – as a teacher and working hard to change the lives of his pupils and fellow teachers!

Piet obeyed and people’s lives were changed.

Like Paul, Piet understood something about this responsibility, that: 26God wanted everyone, not just Jews, to know this rich and glorious secret inside and out, regardless of their background, regardless of their religious standing. And it’s all our responsibility.


Colossians 1:24-27


What is your responsibility?

Do you meet your responsibility?

Where do you need to do something?


Lord, I know You are calling me to sow in the Kingdom. Sometimes I’m extremely uncomfortable and I don’t know what to say or do. But I want to, Lord. Please give me strength. Please take my hand and give me the words. Amen.

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