God's word in today's world

When love holds the steering wheel

1 Corinthians 13:4

4…Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. To love means not to be jealous. It is unacceptable to have blown up cheeks because you don’t have the same or as much as someone else. When you love, you don’t talk unkindly about what the other one has got. I can’t be nasty about the other’s beautiful things while love pours form my heart.

To love is not easy.

Love is more. Love is when you are grateful for others who have more than you do. Love is when you jump up and down because someone has received something although they already have more than you do.  Love is when you ignore your own suffering and needs and be able to dance with your enemy because of something they (in your eyes) did not deserve to receive. Love is when you get out of the picture.

To love is not easy.

Yes, love certainly is not always easy. When love takes hold of your steering wheel your own tracks are not necessarily followed but rather those of others.  There is no rear view mirror for you to look back at your own needs.

When love plays the leading role in your life you are bound to hug a person when he receives something which you so badly wanted for yourself. Then you are happy for him even if it is his third or fourth upgrade and you have not even had one yet. With love it is expected that the other one comes first. 4… Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t strut.

To love is not easy.

I visited a friend a while ago. When I left, I realized that I was a bit put out because during my two hour visit he spoke about himself and his achievements most of the time. I wanted to talk about the blessings I have received but never got the chance to do so. Only now I understand that it is love when you don’t always talk about yourself. Sometimes you simply have to listen because the other person may really need to talk.

To love is not easy.

Love does not have a clipboard on which it writes every time a person crosses over a boundary. 4…doesn’t keep score of the sins of others.  Love creates space for mistakes. Love is the drive behind forgiveness – something we often struggle with.  Love offers another chance and another and another.

To love is not easy.

And then the most difficult for many of us: 4… doesn’t fly off the handle.

To love is constant work – it is hard work.


Where are you situated between love and other people?

Do you sometimes become angry?

Where do you have to try harder to love more?


Father, I realise that your love is not always visible in my life and my deeds. I have to work harder in so many areas. I want to spread love everywhere I go. Amen

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