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We often get feedback from Crossroads readers and we thank our Father for that every day.

Here is some feedback:

Mr Ben, the way you talk to us makes you feel so much like a personal friend, I’m sure you won’t mind if we call you Gerjo. You talk in such a wonderful way that I really look forward to your e-mails, you are fantastic, and THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your e-mails! Yolandi

There is no other website that fills the spirit like Crossroads. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Martie

Keep on doing what you’re doing. You and the daily Crossroads that you send out mean so much to our men’s group. Nic

I’m a structural engineer with many difficult designs and a lot of stress. I can’t facebook – simply don’t have time for it, but when Crossroads arrive I stop everything to read it fist and believe me, I get so much power and wisdom from it. It’s sad that not everybody can receive it yet! Swann

This morning I read “Who is the author”, and I just want to say thanks, because I enjoyed it so much that at times I burst out laughing, thank you for that. It’s so good to laugh out loud. Patricia

Thanks for all the messages you send out so faithfully, I reach each and every one and believe me, test them against the Bible itself. It is said that we have to test everything like that. Every time I read something from you I understand the way you speak, the way you think, the way you explain that specific piece of Scripture, as if I had read it myself. I don’t know you, have never seen or met you, but one thing I know is that we are family. We believe in the same GOD, JESUS our Saviour, and the Spirit of GOD that protects and guide us. Quinton

Cannot wait for Crossroads to land on my desk every day. I immediately stop what I’m doing to read it, not even the “boss” can bother me then. Because Crossroads give me food for thought every day!!! Estelle

Your Crossroads is like a resting place on the N1 through the Karoo – think: coffee, sandwich and chicken leg. Sarel

The messages are valuable spirit food. Keep up with the good work. Hansie

Thank you for CROSSROADS. Sometimes it brings answers at the right time and carries me through hard days. Jonet

And again you know just what to say at the right time in so few words. May our SAVIOUR bless you forever. Wynand

Well, Gerjo, today you really hit that nail straight on the head. Thank you for not hesitating to use yourself as an example, we can really identify with that. Marda

Gerjo, I’m kind of not in my usual situation and, therefore, have a little more time to spend on reading Crossroads. It’s as if the Lord has been speaking to me specifically these past few days. Thank you to you and Crossroads who are instruments in the hand of the Lord. Bertus

Ouch – and that’s my corn gone! Thank you for the meaningful explanation of love and unity! Willie

Thank you for the lovely messages that you send to me every week, it makes every day a success whether I read it in the morning, the afternoon or at night. I make time to read it and to talk about it to my kids when I pick them up from school! Thank you for this easy way to take in God’s Word every day. Talita

Thank you for the message. I believe that the Lord speaks to me through all these lovely messages and that I have to change my life. Tokkie

Just want to say thank you for every Crossroads; it feels as if we’re sitting in my lounge chatting about Jesus. It’s wonderful and I enjoy it very much and, yes, often see myself in the images. It feeds my spirit. Jesus blesses you and your work. Ilse

Thank you for 100% true ….. hard to say, but it was written for me. Thank you, Ben …. Pieter

I enjoy Crossroads so very much. So true, and so many lessons. Thank you very much for what you do and the time you spend doing it. Elize

Thank you for my free energy boost that you give to me in words, I enjoy reading it! Praise Him! Cindy

I’m so grateful for every wakeup call that I receive from you. I identify with each message I receive – the Spirit talks to me. I appreciate what you do. Babsie

I just want to say thank you for every message that I receive from Crossroads. It inspires me every day to be a better Christian and to move closer to God. The messages are very appropriate for everyday life and really mean a lot to me. Celeste

Very appropriate and stunning piece today. The devil is a first-class manipulator and I’m an easy target. But now I’m aware of it and can stand up to him. Renee

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