God's word in today's world

What to believe

There will come a time when people will no longer believe in God’s message of redemption. People will turn their back on the Gospel and dismiss it as nonsense. Some will use clever brain gymnastics to try and prove that what we believe in is too trivial to be accepted as the truth.

When I look at some of the stories that appear in newspapers and on social media, I wonder if that time hasn’t come already. 1The Spirit makes it clear that as time goes on, some are going to give up on the faith and chase after demonic illusions put forth by professional liars.

These are not the words of an ordinary person, but are conveyed by the Spirit of God. These words have power and we must take them to heart.

Facebook friends openly declare that they no longer believe. They laugh at the church. They shout nonsense at people who believe in a living God who has a relationship with his creations. What they believed in previously and what some of them even preached, is now the focal point of their jokes.

This verse has become a reality in our time.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognise when people are not on the right road. In a world where everything goes, it’s become difficult to distinguish between right and sort of not so right. It is important that each of us make sure that we’re on the right road. That we are on the road that God has determined. We shouldn’t listen to other people’s stories, because even without noticing it, someone else may be behind those words. It is so easy for the devil to disguise himself and we fall hook and sinker for his lies.

On our own, we simply aren’t strong enough to tackle the enemy. And that is why we have to make time every day for the voice and work of God’s Holy Spirit. Just listen to Rinda’s (not her real name) story:

The past 10 years the Lord has taken my family and me on a very special journey. This has changed our lives completely.

Hardship and fear have opened our eyes. We have learnt to sit at Jesus’ feet and to whole-heartedly focus on his will for our lives every day. Then He without a doubt clearly indicates the way.

The Holy Spirit clearly puts something in my heart, confirms it again and again, until I, despite and because of my humanness, is confirmed of his will. And that always takes my breath away, and I laugh out loud as things simply become clear to me and I can walk forward to carry out his will.

Irrespective of whether the president or ministers are messing up, or whether the rand is falling even further, whether South Africa’s and Europe’s systems are falling apart, God’s Kingdom goes on for us who wants to be his disciples every day. I look differently at everything and I walk hand-in-hand with God who asks my obedience. What an adventure!

Does the enemy attack me and my family? Yes! Again and again. But mercifully we recognize the enemy and his tricks and the Lord helps us up over and over.

This is how we must live every day. In the shadow of the Holy Spirit. That is the only way we can see God’s road so that we can walk it.


1 Timothy 4:1-5

Think about this

Do you believe right?
How do you know?
Is the Holy Spirit part of your life?


Father, You are the only way. You are the only true God. Without You there is no direction and we’re just muddling along. Please help me make space for your Spirit. Please help me not to follow my own understanding. Amen.

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