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What is your legacy?

Sometimes we play the game of life so hard that we play ourselves into a corner, forcing us to take a break. And in this corner of life we usually end up considering questions like: What is the meaning of life? What am I really doing here on earth? Is it really worth it to chase after all these things that seem so important to me? What do I leave behind if I die today?

And indeed, in this corner of life, we realize there is more to life. That is where people realize they’ve gone down a side track, running after a crooked ideology.

I remember that when I was confronted with questions like these when I was still running a business, I felt fairly good, because in worldly terms I was well-prepared. My family would have been able to maintain their standard of living. There would’ve been no debt. The house, the children’s studies, food and clothing, all would’ve been covered. In the eyes of the world, my legacy was excellent.

And after a few years … forgotten.

It is now more than 2000 years after Epaphras’ death, but the outcome of his legacy is still felt all over the world. He made a significant impact during his short time on earth.

He was one of Paul’s students and did missionary work in Colossae. Paul wrote the letter we’re reading now to the people in Colossae to advise them. But just listen to Paul’s wonderful testimony about Epaphras: 7… He is one reliable worker for Christ! I could always depend on him. He’s the one who told us how thoroughly love had been worked into your lives by the Spirit.

Someone you could rely on. Someone who was always there for you. Someone who didn’t have a bunch of good reasons why he didn’t have time for you now. When you call on him, he is there. Doesn’t matter how dark or dangerous the task, he is always first in line to do what is required.

He doesn’t hesitate to spend his energy on the things of God. The love he has for God drives him, or may I say, forces him to do what God wanted. He couldn’t do anything else. He couldn’t prevent himself from doing it. His passion was to live God’s calling for him every second of his life.

Of necessity, this bears fruit. His life is filled with good fruit, because the only result of such actions could be beautiful, large fruit in God’s world.

The inscription on his headstone would most probably be: Master, one who can be depended upon, sower, passionate worker for God.

In one verse, four sentences, we get the picture of a man of God who had made a big difference, his legacy still alive after 2000 years.

And so you and I are confronted with our legacy. Yes, we do have a responsibility to ensure that our loved ones who remain behind when we are no longer here can continue without any pressure. But what about the things that really matter? The things of God? Do we really understand what we’re instructed to do? Could God, the community of faithful, society, those who suffer really depend on me? Was I always available? Did I do my part and live my commission and calling everywhere? Did I bear fruit?

These aren’t easy questions, but maybe I should try and answer them honestly before God. Maybe I should give small steps, because the commission seem overwhelming. We won’t make it on our own.


Colossians 1:1-8


I suspect the piece above has more than enough questions…


Father, I realize that my legacy is not in place yet. I don’t actually even know where to begin. Please help me, Lord. I beg You, help me! Amen.




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