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What do people smell on you?

We travel to Vredendal to have discussions with the congregation. What exactly it’s all about, I don’t know, but we spent the weekend there enjoying their potjiekos, going to their bazaar, just having a good time all around.

On the way back, we stopped at Piketberg’s Spur and quickly talked about the weekend’s experiences. Everybody agreed about one thing: The Vredendallers are very hospitable and they won’t allow anything to stand in their way to make sure that you enjoy everything as much as possible.

They really lived these words: 6Be gracious in your speech. The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation, not put them down, not cut them out.

Nothing was too much for them to ensure that we have a good time. They really spoilt us. How do platteland people do this? I think it is because the circumstances in which they live have taught them to put the other person with his or her needs first, rather than thinking of themselves first. They know they have to depend on one another to survive and that is why they put their own needs on the back burner and attend to yours first.

What feeling do people experience when they walk away from you?

It is important to be 100% honest in all you do and say. Don’t wear a mask. Don’t be artificial. Just be yourself. People will prefer to love you just as you are rather searching for the real you behind all the playacting

Be honest in your intentions. See the person as one more beloved child of God and treat him or her accordingly. It doesn’t matter how the person treats you. That is what is so difficult. When another person is gruff and rude, when another person only thinks of him or herself, when such a person goes on the warpath – to then act in such a way that that person walks away with a positive feeling about you and about him or herself too!

Do you attract people or do you push them away? Do people like to be with you or do they stop talking when you join the conversation?

We’ll have to practice to carry out today’s instruction. We’ll have to find out what we do wrong and why people don’t always want to be with us. Live in such a way that you spread a pleasant aroma among people.

Live in such a way that when people walk away from you, they will remember it as a special experience. Live in such a way that people will be able to take a piece of God’s love with them after talking to you. And this surely includes the people closest to you!

An announcer on a Cape radio station always ends like this: It’s good to be human, just be a good human. May this be true of each of us as children of God. May it smell good wherever we go.


Colossians 4:2-6


Do other people enjoy being with you?

What do you need to change to make it even more enjoyable for others to be with you?


Father, please help me be nice person others like to talk to. Amen.

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