God's word in today's world

What Connie says and does

17help you in every good thing you say and do (Living Bible).

For me, Connie is a wonderful example of what one should say and do:

I really try to witness for God here at work. Just as I am, in all my weakness, but guided by his wonderful Holy Spirit that lives and works in me.

When we take that first step to tell people about God’s greatness and goodness, and it is in line with God’s timing, the heavens open and God does his work through us!

I took the first step and in a group of 22 black and two white co-workers apologised for the hurt and mistakes of our past. That I’m sorry about all the hurt and hardship done to them and their ancestors.

We must remember that what is past is past, and that we can do nothing about it, but we can start working together today to make life a better place for us, our children and their children. We can do it by forgiving one another in Jesus’ powerful, holy Name. In our homes, we can start living and thinking differently.

This we can only do because Jesus Christ has been so merciful to us, because He, and He alone, is God and Lord of love and peace.

As I turned to go, they started clapping their hands and thanking me for what I had said and done. And right away they asked if we could form a circle, take hands and pray.

WOW! WOW! WOW! Can you believe it? I was amazed at how God would intercede when we act on behalf of Him.

From that day onwards, we start every morning with a circle. We invite the Holy Spirit of Jesus as guest of honour. We pray for each other, for our place of work, for our town, country, government, Jesus’ church and bride, etc. And we proclaim in his Name that He and He alone is God and Lord.

That is why I witness today that when we take that first step for Jesus (which can sometimes make us feel pretty uncomfortable, because we don’t know how others will take it), He will make awesome miracles happen.

Every morning and every evening I pray for these people of mine, that they will hold onto the eternal hope and will have a growing and deeper hunger and thirst for Him and his Word.

What a beautiful example of the working of God’s Spirit, because one person is saying and doing the right thing.

I hope that one day someone will write such stories about me. I pray that one day similar stories will be told about you. Therefore, I pray again: 17help you in every good thing you say and do.


2 Thessalonians 2:13-17


What do the words look like that come from your mouth?

What do your actions look like?

Do you need to ask God for help?


Lord, I want to be able to talk confidently to others about You and your will. Let your love drive me to talk about your Kingdom in my house and at my place of work. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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