God's word in today's world

What are you giving up?

I love meat. Just last week I was blessed with a whole Karoo lamb. My friend, I got the smaller one, only 22 kilograms! Almost a 10-millimeter layer of fat on each chop. When you put them on the braai, you must watch out for the flames caused by the dripping fat. The memory makes my mouth water and I feel like lighting a fire even though it’s only early morning.

I’ll sacrifice a lot for a piece of meat. Keep the salad and the veg, I just want another chop.

Esau sacrificed a lot for a plate of food – his birthright. As eldest son, he was in line to take further all the promises made to his father and grandfather. Esau pushed aside all the promises of the wonderful paradise in Canaan; of Jesus, the Messiah, who would come and save all humankind by dying on a cross for their sins, and much more. For a plate of food.

Why would someone give up all these promises in exchange for a plate of food? Here is the answer: 16Watch out for the Esau syndrome: trading away God’s lifelong gift in order to satisfy a short-term appetite.

Esau’s life tells the story of what was really inside his heart. He had many girlfriends and was promiscuous. We could say he indulged in sin. But worst of all, he turned his back on God.

The net effect of a life on earth without God is that you make stupid choices, like trading in your first right, all the blessings and promises, for one dish of food.

We all make poor choices and then we end up in the gutter. Like JP’s story:

Because of alcohol abuse I am stripped naked by sin and on the brink of losing my family.

I must admit, my wife and children are everything to me. My wonderful wife has decided to give me a chance to prove myself as the father and husband I should be in this marriage.

This morning, my wife found SMSs on my phone from a number I don’t even know. I admit that I had been unfaithful to my wife many years ago.

My wife confronted me about those messages this morning, but she was not shocked or sad or something. That and the fact that I had to drop my kids at school and could see the sadness in their eyes, broke my heart.

I’m trying really hard to keep us together, to go back to God’s way, and also so that we can look back and say we’ve been through hell, but here we are for God’s sake.

What do I do now?

Let’s learn from Esau and JP and hold on really tight to God, so that our decisions do not sow destruction. Let’s not allow the desires of life to force us into sacrificing what really matters.

Hebrews 12:14-17

Where are you missing God?
Where do you have to invite Him in?
Where do you need help?

Father, at times like these I don’t really know how and what to pray. Please see what’s in my heart. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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