God's word in today's world

Watch out, it’s war

It is war. We must know that. We must know that the powers of the dark are trying to steal us away every moment of the day, us who are people of the day, people who follow the true Light. It’s a fight. Why do you think you struggle so much just to stay on the road? Why do you think life’s not always so easy out there? Why does life sometimes push you so hard?

Because it’s war! We are brutally attacked on all fronts. The devil and his henchmen are not lazy. They will use everything in their power to steal you with various cunning tricks again and again. They are clever and know what our weak points are. They mercilessly target those points again and again. If we are not prepared for those attacks, and grow tired, they might just succeed.

Let me make a brief stop here. This is not light music. These aren’t just stories. This is real and each of us who believe in God must know that we are in the crossfires every day. We must prepare and arm ourselves so that we are not overpowered by the enemy.

Understand how serious this is. I see many examples on social media. My heart cries out for the people who were serious children of God and now fights in the front lines for the enemy. My heart contracts when I see them mocking and taunting God and his children. Oh, why did they lose the battle!

I’m so grateful that God is on our side. Yes, 8 But not us! How can we remain standing in this struggle between light and dark? Since we’re creatures of Day, let’s act like it. Yes, we must do something. But how can I protect myself every day Walk out into the daylight sober, dressed up in faith, love, and the hope of salvation.

First, to remain standing in this war, we must believe. We must hold onto the knowledge that we serve a God who are greatest and strongest. We must hold onto the knowledge that Jesus conquered the enemy on the cross and that the enemy has no power. He is a loser leader. He tricks people, using lies to try and convince them that he is the leader, but he has lost already.

We who are day people are on the winning side, because our Father is the true Ruler, the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega. He is everything! We must believe this. We must hold onto this, because it protects our hearts. This belief is the armour that will protect our hearts from the enemy’s arrows, that will break them in small pieces like rotten wood. They will not be able to entice us away or to trip us up.

Today, it is not easy at all to remain standing there where we work, live and play; we are tempted all around. It looks so good to be part of the world. It looks as if they have all the fun. But that is not true. Real happiness can only be found with God.

Faith is in your heart, not your mind. When faith is in the mind, we try to understand and rationalise everything. Unfortunately, our minds and thinking are too small to understand everything. When our faith is in the mind only, someone clever will quickly persuade you and win the war. Children believe with their hearts, and that is why Jesus said we must go and learn from them how to believe. Believe with your heart, because then you will remain standing in the war.

Stand firm. Arm yourself. Hold onto your faith and know that our Leader is the true leader. Believe and know that Jesus has conquered and that this is the only way to go. The rest is simply noise.


1 Thessalonians 5:4-11


Where does the enemy’s arrows often hit you?

How can you stand against it?

What does your faith look like?


Our Father, You know it’s not easy out there and that the attacks keep on coming. It is difficult to stand firm. It is difficult to protect ourselves. Please help us to keep on believing and to hold onto the fact that we are on the winning side, because You already conquered the enemy on the cross. Amen.

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