God's word in today's world

Watch out for the guy with the Bible under his arm

We know not everything and everyone in the world are good. Although some things look good, it remains our responsibility to make sure that we do not stray from the path. We are so easily blinded by that apparent beauty and prosperity, only to discover around the next corner that we’ve been taken for a fool.

In the same way, not everything and everybody in the spiritual world are good. Some people look really good and sound as if they always stand for the truth, but when you look beneath the surface, it seems as if there’s a different agenda. It’s not only true of our lives today; it has been like that forever.

6Those who fail to keep to this point soon wander off into cul-de-sacs of gossip. 7They set themselves up as experts on religious issues, but haven’t the remotest idea of what they’re holding forth with such imposing eloquence.

These guys miss the point. It’s all about them. They want people to admire them and believe that they know everything, but in the meantime, they deal very loosely with the truth. They think they are the professors and know all there is to know about the law of God, but their self-confidence is misleading. They don’t even understand what they’re saying. It’s ridiculous!

The problem has developed for these liars when they stopped trusting in God. But even more, their foundations weren’t built on God’s first command of love. As soon as love stops being the point of departure, the wheels come off and people are left in pain.

Like Mari (not her real name) says:

We’ve been involved in a fight with “friends” who stole a big business from us. They rush onwards like a runaway train and use the company’s money to fight us. We bravely continue to fight and believe the end is near, but they’ve ruined us and the rest of the shareholders.

They sit right in front in church every Sunday and serve on the governing bodies of prominent schools.

Some days it seems as if the Lord has forgotten about us, but He has also cared for us wonderfully to have what we needed this past year.

I feel depressed, because some days it seems as if the bad guys became stronger and stronger while we are disappearing in the dark mud!

There are two warnings. We must make sure that we are surrounded by people who also trust in God and live with love as their foundation. You see, people who do that always consider others before serving themselves.

Secondly, we must make sure not to be part of the lot who do not trust in God and who do not allow love to be part of their basis. That way lays pain and hurt.

When I was involved in the business world, I always said I don’t do business with a guy who comes to see me with a Bible under his arm. I felt bad saying it, but too many people with a Bible under the arm have deceived me already.



1 Timothy 1:3-7


Do you trust in God?

Do you base everything on love?

Where do you carry your Bible?


Our Father, I’m really afraid that I might sometimes not live out of love. I’m afraid I don’t always trust in You. I’m afraid that I sometimes only say things because I like the sound of my own voice. Please help me not to cause pain, but to really live out of love. Amen.

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