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Walls tumbling down? A bit far-fetched

Let’s say your finances are in a bad state and you take this challenge to God. God’s solution is that you have to walk around the bank in your days for six days straight. The seventh day you have to walk around the bank seven times. Then you have to go inside and request a statement. Your poor finances will be sorted, and your balance will be in the green. Would you do it?

Sounds a bit far-fetched, doesn’t it?

But this is what Joshua and the Israelites did with an enormous challenge they faced. The city of Jericho was under attack. However, the challenge was too big and the army of Jericho too strong for the Israelite army. They prevented the Israelites from entering the promised land of milk and honey.

Then God gave a weird instruction. Walk around the city for six days and when the shofar sounded, shout as loudly as you can. On the seventh day, walk around the city seven times. When you shout for the last time, the walls will fall down. Then you can climb over the crumbled walls and take over the city.

Sounds a bit far-fetched, doesn’t it?

But Joshua and the Israelites knew God. They knew Him as a God who was not always conventional. He often did things His way, and sometimes people couldn’t get their heads around that.

But they didn’t hesitate or questioned God’s strategy or way of doing things. They didn’t incite one another to question God’s plan, even though the instructions and solution for the problem sounded a bit strange.

They went and did it. They walked once around the city every day for six days and on the seventh day, they did it seven times. They blew the shofars and shouted as loudly as they could and bang!, the walls came tumbling down. 30By faith, the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho for seven days, and the walls fell flat.

And it really wasn’t one or other natural phenomenon like an earthquake that shook the city or made the walls fall down. God Himself came to the rescue and made the walls crumble.

To be able to this outrageous act, Joshua and the Israelites needed one specific tool: faith in God. Faith that God would make the outrageous happen to eliminate the crisis that stood in their way.

Do we have to go and walk around the bank, or around our office building or our house? I don’t think so, but if that is what God expects us to do, we have to go and do it. We have to do whatever God asks us to do to get rid of the challenge we are facing, however outrageous it is.

Would you do it? Would you do something that might make you the joke of the town?

I must confess it’s not that easy, but with bags of faith one might dare to do it. And with faith in a powerful God who sometimes uses the outrageous, the walls of the challenge will crumble before our eyes.

Hebrews 11:20-31

Do you believe that God still hears us today?
Do you believe that God still helps us today?
Will you do the outrageous?

Father, I can hardly believe that You still work in our world today, but I really need You right now. I’m afraid of doing weird things, but I’ll do anything You ask me to. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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