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Waiting patiently

God makes promises in the Bible again and again, and again and again those promises come true. Sometimes, there is quite a long period between the promise and its fulfilment. Look at Abraham and Sarah, for example.

They longed to have a son. They longed to have descendants. But obviously, the older you get, the less chances you have! In their eighties they knew that they won’t ever have children. So, they made their own plans and Abraham had a son with their slave, Hagar.

Unfortunately, this plan was counterproductive and messed up the relationships in Abraham’s household. Isn’t this what usually happens when we try and make our own plans?

Abraham was 99 when God promised him through three angels that he would have many descendants, which assumed that he would have a son of his own blood. I wonder what went through Abraham’s mind when the angels had left after giving him this news and he saw his wife, also old, shuffling past.

“Well, Father, I wonder how You’re going to manage this one?” was probably one thought passing through his head.

But the Bible tells another story: 15Abraham stuck it out and got everything that had been promised to him.

It doesn’t seem as if Abraham threw his toys out of the cot and started asking questions like “How long still, Lord?” “I’ve been waiting for a century. Isn’t this long enough now?” Even less did Abraham look at the reality and put this before God. “Really, Father, let’s be realistic. Sarah and I are both on the wrong side of the biological clock, You know …”

No, Abraham did one thing. He waited patiently.

His faith was big enough. He knew how far God was able to go. He didn’t box God in. He didn’t ascribe human abilities to God. He knew anything was possible with God. He knew and believed that God can cross the boundaries of reality to keep His promise to him.

So, he waited patiently. Even though he waited for the best part of a century.

God keeps His word. God keeps His promises and will do anything, even the impossible, to make sure that His promises are fulfilled.

God will also fulfil His promises to you. Even if it takes a miracle. Even if it means that the impossible is made possible. That’s what God does. He has to keep His promises to you.

You just have to wait patiently. I know it’s difficult, because we want everything yesterday. But learn from Abraham and wait. Even if it takes the best part of a century. Just hold on. Just keep going. God will come through for you!

Hebrews 6:13-18

Which promises must come true in your life?
Do you trust God to fulfil them?
How must you wait?

Father, thank you for all the promises in Your Word. I must confess that I don’t even know all of them. But I need many things to come true in my life. Please help me with this one, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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