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Vegetable planting and harvesting

One of the characteristics of the children of God is that we sow. We live a life of gratitude, because we are left speechless by all that God has done for us and we cannot but sow in faith that it will lead to an enormous harvest.

Many of us do it, but as it sometimes happen, we get tired.

I have started a vegetable patch at home a couple of times with a lot of fanfare. This normally happened when I couldn’t find any vegetables for a salad in the shop because of poor quality produce or because it was simply too expensive to buy. So I rather walked out with some packets of seed.

The soil is carefully prepared and enough compost is added. The seeds are sown with lots of excitement and lightly covered with soil. I go and take a look a couple of times during the day. When the first green shoot appears, everybody must hear about it, whether they want to or not.

But before long the excitement wanes and not as much energy and time is spent at the vegetable patch. Watering gets forgotten and soon the only thing growing happily in the well-composted soil are weeds. The harvest turns into a non-starter. And then I go back to the shops for my vegetables.

It’s the same with spiritual sowing and, therefore, Paul warns: 9So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit. 10Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all, starting with the people closest to us in the community of faith. Paul encouraged the people not to stop halfway through. No, keep on keeping on. Keep on putting in the energy and doing things. Grab every opportunity to do something good for others. Don’t just stop along the way and think that what you’ve done is enough.

My daughter likes gardening, but when she came to me with the idea of a vegetable garden I immediately tried to stop her. I knew from experience that it’s never been very successful. But she kept on and before long there I was, turning over the soil with the garden fork.

She was a real example to me and often worked in the vegetable patch to prevent the weeds from taking over. Once a week she added fertiliser. And the outcome? Our household now supplies our own tomatoes, lettuce, chives, celery, chillies and herbs like parsley, thyme and basil.

I now understand that sowing and planting must be followed up by the energy to harvest. I now understand much better when Paul says our harvest will come at the right time when we put enough energy into doing good deeds

Every day brings opportunities for doing good. We don’t even have to go and look for people in need. They come walking into our lives out of the blue. There are many people in need at our workplace. Amongst our friends there are people needing someone who can simply listen or give a hand helping them over that steep cliff.

The question is: Are you prepared to see the opportunity and use it? It may not take much from you, but the impact it may have on the lives of other people may be life-giving. Keep on doing good. Spend time doing good deeds and you will see the harvest will come in at the right time.

Galatians 6:1-10


Do you see the need around you?

Are you sowing?

Do you spend more than simply what is necessary?



Lord, You are my Teacher. You teach me not to become tired of doing good. Thank you that I can know that You will not ask of me to do that if You know I had nothing to give. Thank you that I can know that You make us rich enough to be good to others in all circumstances. Amen

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