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A vagrant’s story of light

I am 58 years old. My life has taken a wrong turn. Altogether my own fault.

It’s not easy to start from the beginning, right from the bottom, so you have to have real strong muscles to get that right, but God in you can do it. My poor decisions made me literally end up on the streets for two and a half years, and not because of alcohol or drugs.

Just when I had to start living on the streets, it started raining one night and it was as if the flood had come again. I had no blankets. I was soaked to the skin. Nobody wanted to help me, not the church, not people, even though I had been part of a cell group. Nobody even offered me a loaf of bread.

So I lived with the street people. What I saw while living among them broke my heart. Fortunately, I did not fall into that cycle of drinking and forgetting everything.

Ordinary people become angry at them for begging just to buy a bottle of something, but the hours drag if the day holds no prospects.

At the moment the church has given me a room to stay in. I’ve been staying there for six months now and is busy sorting out my relationship with God. But it is not easy.

The main thing about this journey is the gratitude that I experience, for my bed, blankets, a pillow, a roof over my head. Ordinary people regard it as a must have part of life. Gratitude is a word we don’t really understand.

I suspect Andy knows exactly what a life in darkness and what a life in the light is like.

13God rescued us from dead-end alleys and dark dungeons.

And when you step out of the darkness into the light, you change, your whole being, and you do.

A week later Andy sent another e-mail:

Yesterday I could help someone drive a bakkie to Pretoria. Earned R600. After 2.5 years on the streets R600 feels like R1 million. If you know of someone who is really struggling, I can deposit R50 for them. In the future I would like to make a contribution to all of you who ministers the Word.

This is what walking in God’s light does to a person.


Colossians 1:1-8


Are you in the light?

What does your gratitude look like?

What do your actions look like?


Lord, I learn and learn and learn. We take it for granted that we’re living in the light, that we start slipping from it. Please let me open my eyes and live like the people of the light. Let my gratitude show living in the light every moment of the day. Amen.

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