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Under whose control?

Who has power over you? Who controls you? Who are you are afraid of? The one that says jump and you ask immediately how high?

I suspect a few men would softly say that one person is their wife.

No, that’s just a joke!

Without realizing it, many of us are in the power of something. For example: Without realizing it, our lifestyle often controls us. We’ve chosen to live according to a certain lifestyle and to maintain that lifestyle take a lot of hard work on my part.

Some have to put in extra hours, some even have to work weekends just to get enough money to maintain that lifestyle. Now we can no longer do what we want to. I can’t simply decide to go away for the weekend, because then there will be too little money at the end of the month to pay all the bills.

Our chosen lifestyle with its high expenses controls us. We’re no longer under our own control. Something else determines on what our time is spent.

Lifestyle can be replaced by many other things: reputation, work, money, luxury, dreams, desires and even happiness (do you have more to add?). In a way, any of these things can get such a hold of you that you are no longer free to make your own choices.

Some of my friends have taken a year-long sabbatical, leaving their jobs and touring with their families that whole year long. They’ve realized that other things are more important.

Immediately I can hear you agreeing with me: That’s if you can afford to do it! The sabbatical that is. But doesn’t such a reaction show that we’re under control of one or other power, in this case money?

Maybe it’s time again to sit down and reflect on your life a little. Look at what controls you. Find those things that have power over you, where you don’t have much of a choice. Ask yourself whether it is worth it to go on like this.

13… He’s set us up in the kingdom of the Son he loves so much …

Only Jesus should have power over us. He must be able to tell us what to do and those things are the only things we should do. And this is not power like bossing you around. No, Jesus wants to control us in love. Jesus is love through and through. In love He died for us on the cross. In love He only wants what is best for us. In love He wants to lead us to live right here on earth, for our own good.

Jesus must be head of all of our lives. When I make decisions, I must first go to Jesus to be led by Him in love. I wish I could get this right more often, because then the pain and hurt I cause will disappear like mist before the sun.


Colossians 1:12-14


Who controls you?

Is Jesus somewhere in the picture?

What must you do to transfer control to Jesus?


Lord, without knowing it, we’re controlled by something or someone else. The world out there forces it on us. Please help us to get a balance. We must live under your control. Please help us to do this, because then it will surely go better with us all. Amen.

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