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Turned head over heels and born again

A pig isn’t bothered by the mud in which it lives. It’s even less bothered about sniffing around for food in the mud. The pig enjoys it there. It chooses to live like that.

People who have not yet accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour, chooses to live in sin. They enjoy it. They can’t get enough of it. They’re not bothered by the dirt. They are so used to the lifestyle that they choose it above any other way of living.

We’ve all been there. We never even thought it was wrong. We were used to it and nothing about it bothered us. Until we bumped into Jesus. God’s Spirit turned us head over heels, picked us up out of the dirty muddy mess, and put us on the other side.

From the other side everything looks different. It’s as if the Holy Spirit gave us new glasses. These glasses puts life in focus and for the first time you actually see the mud and all the wrong things.

You’re put off by it. You no longer want to live in the mud and start moving towards life. You want to live differently, because you have a new life. You arrived at the moment of your birth for a second time and you are made new again through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Like Benna and his friend:

A good friend from my student days – we were in the same class, studied together, sneakily exchanged programming codes in the labs (!!!), shared a flat, participated in sport together, and eventually started work at the same company. Got married – each to his own wife!  A good guy, but not a saved soul. Because of work, we went our separate ways, but kept in regular contact. 

He phoned me the week before 22 April. “Come with me to Bloem.” What?! It’s 1 000 km from Cape Town, are you mad?! Why? “To pray for our country.” Why?! It’s already in God’s hands.

And the pieces started falling into place. And there we go, three of us. We’re taking my bakkie, the other two put in diesel, pour cool drink, share biltong, pour coffee. 

My good friend had converted powerfully – a highly professional person holding high posts, but now on fire for the Kingdom, a saved believer, without losing his wit and humour and silliness.

We spent the 20 hours on the road talking about prayer, issues of faith, sport, our years as students, work, deep stuff, silly stuff. I was with like-minded people. 

My life is different, man, different! I’m a new person! I no longer kick the cats, bite the dogs, swear at my employees – I pray with my children and my wife is mad about me.

That’s the net effect of being turned head over heels, reborn, clean.

5 … He gave us a good bath, and we came out of it new people, washed inside and out by the Holy Spirit.

Titus 3:3-7

Are you head over heels?
Have you been reborn?
How does it affect your life right now?

Lord, thank you for coming from Your side to turn us head over heels. Please help me to keep my new life going. Help me not to go back to the old way of living. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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