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Together, step-by-step

I was watching a television interview by Dr Ali Bacher with Frik du Preez, the former Springbok rugby player. Frik was telling him how different it was in those days: the players weren’t paid and they had to buy their own togs.

It so happened that Frik was appointed as kicker in an upcoming game. He realised that his boots were far too battered for such an important job, so he went to a well-known sports shop in Pretoria and bought a brand-new pair of togs (I don’t know whether someone sponsored him, but I hope so!).

But he had a problem. He couldn’t just pitch up on Saturday at the game with new boots. They would hurt his feet.

At that stage, Frik was in the Air Force. He called one of the new recruits over. These troops were usually chased all over the place just because they could be chased around. So he ordered the troop to put on the boots and to start running, warning: “If I catch you standing still …”

This humorous story from the old days can help us better understand the Scripture: 17Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way.

We should actually put on Jesus’ boots. In this world we must follow in Jesus’ footsteps and walk the way He walked when He was here on earth. We must step in Jesus’ footprints and do what He did.

But that’s easier said than done.

My dad left big footprints in the world. He really made a difference wherever he went. I always dreamt of being just like him, but his footsteps were just too big. Like a little boy jumping from one footprint to the other – that is what I actually felt like when the next attempt was just too far.

But we shouldn’t become discouraged. We might not be able to exactly match the steps of those we look up to, because we give our own steps. The unique road that we’re walking right now is exactly where God called us to walk. Yes, sometimes our steps are small and shaky and maybe not completely going in the right direction. Don’t worry about it! Jesus is walking with you.

Just do your best. Try to put on Jesus’ shoes like the troop who put on Frik’s boots. It may hurt in the beginning. Maybe you’ll fall down or maybe you’ll walk in the wrong direction and miss a turn or two. But the more time we spend in Jesus’ shoes, the more we’ll get it right, the more we’ll talk like Him, and the more we’ll act like He did.

Gratitude will start shining from us and other people will start noticing it. Other people will want to be like that too. Maybe people will start asking why you are like that. Then you will say: It’s because Jesus is walking with me step-by-step. All glory to Him who walks ahead!


Colossians 3:12-17


What do your steps look like?

Where have you taken a wrong turn?

Do people see Jesus in your walk?


Jesus, thank you for never ever leaving us alone. Thank you for giving me an example of the way I should be living. Please help me to follow your example every minute of the day. Amen.

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