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To wear a sticker

The last phrase in this verse makes me wonder. 16For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank after rank of angels—everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him.

God created everything for Himself. God’s creation must tell a story about God, to proclaim his Name over all the earth so that all honour and glory can flow to Him, the Creator. How can I live to find my purpose in God? I feel as if I will never be able to get it right.

However, there are people around us whose deeds reflect God every day. Like in Tina’s life:

After being ill for seven months, at 06:00 this morning I heard on Radio Pulpit that the Lord gives me new strength and hears me calling (Psalm 138 and Isaiah 40).

A colleague, who works in the gardens at my school, encouraged me and said that the Lord can heal me. I must say: Lord, I know you are going to heal me. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

During break at my school a fellow teacher gave me a hug right there on the playground, with 200 children around us, and in my ear begged God to heal me.

Another teacher, who is also a friend, held me in her arms in the staff room and said she loved me.

Another one gave me a cup of soup.

Feeling totally exhausted and in pain, I went home at 10:00. My dear husband had made an appointment for me with a doctor I didn’t know, but who could see me immediately. This doctor, who was 84 years old, had been practicing since 1958. He found that my heart and lungs were working below capacity due to the arrhythmia medication that slowed down everything and weakened the functioning of the lungs. He changed my medication and prescribed anti-stress pills. (I don’t think I have stress, I love my job and am passionate about teaching.)

He guaranteed that I would feel a difference by Friday. He gave me a fatherly hug as I left. At eight that evening he phoned me up to find out how I was doing. Wow! What doctor would do this nowadays?

He was overjoyed when I confirmed that I felt 50% better than ever in the past year. All the people mentioned above that came along and were concerned about me were sent by God and wear his sticker. Their words and deeds testify that they bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

All glory to God who loves me so much and to Jesus who healed my illness, and to the Holy Spirit who whispers in people’s spirits and helps me pray.

A gardener, colleagues, a spouse and a doctor all made a difference in this one day: They “were sent by God and wears his sticker.”

The net effect is that God’s Name is glorified: “All glory to God who loves me so much and to Jesus …”

And that makes God happy.


Colossians 1:15-20


Are you wearing God’s sticker?

Where do you make a difference?

Is God happy about you?


Father, Your creations fill the earth. All living things have been made by You. May my life be a song of praise to You. Amen.

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