God's word in today's world

To pull out all the stops

Philippians 1:1-2

Paul and Timothy pull out all the stops in serving God. They couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to bring God’s new message to the world. They left no stone unturned. They served God with everything they had.

Do I have the same passion they had?

1Paul and Timothy, both of us committed servants of Christ Jesus …

Boetie has that same passion:

Some years ago my brother-in-law and I attended a men’s camp at EKSDERDE, a camping site outside Pretoria near Derdepoort run by Boetie Jan.

We really enjoyed the camp and were freed from a multitude of things we were guilty of previously, including Freemasonry.

Scoundrels that we were, we decided to book the camp again and to book places for our pals as well.

You have to realize that these pals were all somewhat rough around the edges. The kind of guy who didn’t add anything to his brandy.

We invited them to “a friend’s bachelor’s party” for which each had to pay R300, because the drinks and food had to be bought from the kitty and it was a weekend party.

Friday afternoon all arrived on time, except one. While we were waiting for the late-comer, the guys already started on the refreshments, just to get in the mood.

Eventually we could leave Pretoria and took the dreaded Mamelodi road. At EKSDERDE we turned off the tarred road onto a typical farm track.

The bus came to a stop and noisily the guys started getting off. The silence that greeted them made them look around suspiciously.

That Friday evening we ended up with our drunk mates in the bungalows meant for the group leaders, while the other men got busy in the big hall.

Saturday morning we persuaded the hung-over bunch to force down breakfast and get involved in the group activities.

To make a long story short, with the first activities on Sunday morning Boetie Piet was asked whether he felt up to baptizing them.

In the middle of the winter the swimming pool was filled with water and by lunch time the whole bunch was baptized.

And that was the end of drinking and going to clubs all the time. Sundays were for going to church and the rest of the week was filled with church activities.

Thank you, Father, that we could be instruments to bring about our pals’ salvation. Previously, we were drinking buddies who protected one another in dangerous situations. Now we were brothers who without a drink or smart comments could take hands and move forward together.

To God all the glory.

1Paul and Timothy (and Boetie), both of us (no, three of us!) committed servants of Christ Jesus …

Are you part of the team?


With how much passion do you serve God?

Do you pull out all the stops?

Or do you wonder what the people will say?


Lord, I must confess I do not always have the guts to do anything for You. Sometimes I’m simply too shy or just too lazy or whatever, but I don’t say anything. I also want to do everything for You. Actually, I cannot do anything else, but I struggle. Amen

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