God's word in today's world

To hear God’s Spirit

The Lord has never spoken to me in an audible voice. I’ve never heard a deep voice saying: “Gerjo Ben, you must do this or that”. I often say this, because it’s true and I envy the people to whom God talks like that.

But God often talks to us through his Spirit that is in us. The problem is that we are often simply too busy to hear God’s Spirit speaking. The world is making such a noise out there that it is often impossible to hear the soft whisper of God’s Spirit.

We have to do something from our side. I was lying in bed, woken by God’s Spirit, because years ago I asked God to wake me early in the morning so that I can spend enough time with Him. So while I was lying all cozy in my warm bed, I heard myself pray: “Lord, please help me get up.” Can you believe it!

I jumped up and said to myself: “Self, now you’re going too far! You yourself must take the decision to get out of bed!” Eish! Sometimes one can simply take things too far. Does God really have to do everything for us?

I realised that we ourselves have to prepare the soil to meet God. We can’t just send up a quick prayer and expect thunder and lightning especially for us.

No, we must make time to devote ourselves to God. Will a total stranger confront you just like that with a heap of truths and answers? No, I don’t think so. The stranger doesn’t know you at all. How would he know what is the right road for you to take? How would he know what wisdom and guidance you need?

That only happens in an intimate relationship. Such a relationship takes time. A lot of time. That is why we have to spend a lot of quiet time with God. We have to study his Word so that we can get to know Him really well. In such a relationship we will get to know his voice and know exactly when He talks to us.

19Don’t suppress the Spirit

How wonderful it would be to have someone to immediately show the right way to go at every small and big crossroads we face. How good would it be not to hit our toes against the rocks in the road and to have no grazes on our bodies?

The good news is that each of us who believes already has the Holy Spirit inside us and that He speaks to us constantly. Now it is our responsibility to listen. Or to put it differently: It is our responsibility to get up and fulfill our part of the deal. To spend time, sufficient time with God so that we can be tuned to the Holy Spirit’s station.


1 Thessalonians 5:16-22


Do you hear the Holy Spirit?

Do you spend enough time with God?

What can you do differently?


O, Spirit of God, may I spend enough time in your presence to be able to hear You clearly! Amen.

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