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To follow the plan

I got a lot of insight from Jaco’s description:

I am a technical draftsman and programmer at a profile cutting business.

My work is to make the sketch and then program it to be cut in metal sheets of a specific thickness.

After making the sketch, I have to make as many of it fit onto the metal sheet to achieve the least possible wastage. I must plan it in a way so that not only will the operator easily understand it, but also for dispatch, to get the parts that have to go first.

It’s not always easy, but when I get it right, I give the plans to the operator to cut.

But then he changes everything! He cuts whatever he wants to in a different size sheet. He does whatever he wants to! All my effort I wasted and nothing is cut the way I planned it. And there is a huge waste!

But don’t we also do what the operator does? God has planned everything for us so that we can easily understand it. But then we follow our own will and way of doing things. All that God and Jesus did for us is down the drain.

We should rather follow the program. Yes, it’s not always easy to understand it, but everything will fall into place if we do what the program says. If we follow the Holy Spirit and do what He asks us to do, we will not only move closer to God, but also be able to help others do it too.

Wow, the way Jaco describes it, makes it easy to understand. When our own choices get in the way, we mess up. We get a plan for our lives, but we do what we think is best.

That’s exactly what Esau did. He went his own way and regret came too late: 17You well know how Esau later regretted that impulsive act and wanted God’s blessing—but by then it was too late, tears or no tears.

Esau drew his own map and travelled his own way through life. Although he received the plans from the draftsman, he decided to cut his own pattern for his life.

But one day, he was alone and unhappy, caught in a corner, and sneaked back, wanting those plans originally drawn up for his life. But it was too late.

Because the Lord did not want to …

May this wake us up a little. May we make sure that we hold the right plans for our lives in our hands, and may we follow them strictly, because that’s what the Lord wants …

Hebrews 12:14-17

What do God’s plans for your life look like?
How do you live those plans?
Where do you have to change direction slightly?

Our Father, thank you for Your plans for my life. I know I sometimes just go my own way. I don’t want to do that. Let Your Spirit lead and guide me. In Jesus’ Name amen.

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