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To be a mirror

I have to do two funerals in two days. I usually pay the children a long visit with the children so that they can tell me stories about their dad. Then it is easy to do the service – it becomes a little more personal.

The two funerals are as far apart as the north is from the south. The one man was very ill. He suffered from alcoholism. Almost his whole life.

Looking at the other man through the memories of his children, I could easily draw a direct line to Jesus. The man had a simple start in the Northern Cape, very poor and very hard. He had to walk kilometers to get to school every day. He worked hard, and only later, when his children were grown up, he studied part-time to obtain a degree.

The children could hardly wait to tell me what they remembered about their father, sometimes in tears. He was a simple man, with no pretense. Content with what he had. His children and grandchildren meant everything to him. He would’ve missed out for their sake.

It is especially in this last characteristic that I can draw the line to Jesus. Because that is exactly what Jesus had done. He’d rather hurt Himself. No, even more than that: He came and gave his life on a wooden cross to die for the scores of sinners like you and me. Yes, even for the man suffering from alcoholism.

Thank you, Oom Dries, for the example.

When we look at Jesus, however, we also see a different picture, a picture of God. Like Oom Dries made us better understand a piece of Jesus’ life, in turn, Jesus tells us more about God. 3This Son perfectly mirrors God, and is stamped with God’s nature.

Often people think that God is an angry man, teacher or army corporal always on the lookout for someone breaking ranks, so that He can yell and scream at you and punish you. God is certainly not like that. On the contrary, God is the complete opposite.

God cries for every person who chooses against Him. God does everything possible to prevent even one person being lost. He sacrifices his own Son and He does everything out of love. God is prepared to sacrifice everything so that we can live.

What we saw in Jesus’ life here on earth is a mirror image of who God is. And one word only is written across both their lives: love.

This was also true of Oom Dries’ life. He reflected Jesus’ love, was the least, lived for others, and made a difference everywhere he went. May we live like that too today. May others see Jesus in us. May we live love. May we be the least and give a piece of ourselves to others.

Hebrews 1:1-4

Who do others see when they look at you?
Where do you have to be Jesus for others?
How do you have to live like that?

Jesus, thank you for showing us who God is. What a beautiful picture. Please help me show such a picture to others today in the way that I live. Amen.

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