God's word in today's world

To be a good follower

My father-in-law sent me this story:

A little boy longed to meet the Heavenly Father.

He realised it would take some time to travel to where the Lord lived.

So he put a bag of chips and a six-pack of fruit juice in his backpack and started his journey.

About three blocks from his home he met an elderly man. The man was sitting on a bench in the play area, quietly watching the pigeons walking around on the ground.

The boy sat down beside the man and opened his backpack. He wanted to drink his fruit juice when he noticed that the man looked hungry.

So he offered him some of his chips.

Gratefully, the old man accepted and a soft, warm smile spread over his face as he looked at the little boy.

The old man had such an amazingly beautiful smile that the boy wanted to see it again.

So he offered the man some juice and again he smiled at the little boy.

The boy was overjoyed.  The whole afternoon the two sat and ate and smiled at one another – without saying a word.

At dusk, the little boy realised how tired he was, and got up to go.

Just a few steps away he turned back, ran to the man and gave him a hug. He looked up at the old man and gave him the biggest smile ever.

When he got back home and opened the front door, his mum saw his happy face and asked: “What have you done today that made you so happy?”

Spontaneously he replied: “I had lunch with God.”

And before his mother could react, he added: “And you know what, Mommy? He has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.”

In the meantime, the man also came home overwhelmed by a feeling of happiness. His son was surprised by the look of contentment on his father’s face. He asked: “Dad, what have you done today that has made you so happy? “

The old man answered: “I had chips with the Lord in the park.”

And before his son could react, he added: “You know, he’s much younger than I thought!”

Wow, what a beautiful story. I suspect it’s the same message that Paul wanted to convey: 6You’ve been raised on the Message of the faith and have followed sound teaching. Now pass on this counsel to the followers of Jesus there, and you’ll be a good servant of Jesus.

If we do what the little boy and the old man did, we will be good servants of Jesus. Then we’ll be fed. Let’s get up and do it.


1 Timothy 4:6-16

Think about this

Do others see God in you?
To whom should you show God’s smile today?
How should you do it?


Heavenly Father, please help me to make You visible to the people I engage with today, so that when they get home tonight, they can also say: “Today, I had a moment with God.” Amen.

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