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Tired to the bone: Enough

Who am I that God uses me? Probably the most crooked of all bats and yet God hits a straight shot. If my faith sometimes waver, I remind myself of all the times I made a difference in someone else’s life. Then I know there must be a God, because on my own I just blow it.

Do you also sometimes wonder who you are and why God decided to choose you?

That is indeed God’s business. He chooses sinful people to be part of His new world.  5 All this trouble is a clear sign that God has decided to make you fit for the kingdom …

This is such wonderful news for us as sinners. We actually made the cut. God thinks so much of us that He pushes open the gates of heaven and can’t wait for us to arrive. Wow, what peace of mind isn’t that for each one of us who believes in His Son, Jesus Christ? It doesn’t matter what you were up to. All those things that you didn’t do, doesn’t matter. God handpicked you to live with Him in eternity.

When things are difficult again, when the cares of this world weigh us down till we feel that we can’t go forward anymore, when the boss comes again with his or her unfair demands and drains you from all your energy, just hold on to the knowledge that our Heavenly Father esteems you very highly. That He deems you fit to carry the heavy burden.

I know we sometimes don’t feel strong enough. Sometimes everything is just too much for us. Sometimes it feels as if the world is just too unfair. Sometimes you reach the point where you feel you just want to make an end to everything because you can’t carry the burden anymore.

Maybe you have been to that place with Petrea (not her real name):

He deserted, forgot and rejected me … If I had the courage I would have committed suicide. I am tired to the bone! Tired of all the curve balls life throws at me – and not one is good. I am tired of struggling with life – I just want to stop stressing!!

Petrea doesn’t think she is fit enough to handle all the curve balls. Still God thinks she is. Maybe you don’t think you are strong enough or good enough for God. Well, God esteems you so highly that He thinks you are strong enough and good enough.

Life is not easy. We all know it. Some days the pressure is so hard our legs just want to collapse. Then we must cling to the knowledge that God esteems us highly, that He thinks we are from the best stock to enter His kingdom. We have so much value. We are precious … God thinks so!


2 Thessalonians 1:3-6

To ponder

What does your self-value look like?

Do you believe that you are important in God’s eyes?

How should you think differently about yourself?


Father, who am I that you think of me? Who am I that you esteem me so highly? Who am I that you can use me? Help me to not doubt my worth in Your eyes anymore. Amen.

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