God's word in today's world

This is God at work

Every day I receive e-mails from people telling me that the message had arrived at exactly the right time, because it was precisely what they had needed at that moment in time. My response is the same every time: “It must be God. Only a God could manage that something that I wrote as far back as 11 months ago can right now, at this moment, for someone sitting somewhere far away in front of a screen, move mountains or bring new understanding. Yes, it is God at work. Sola Deo gratia!”

God never stops being involved with humanity, with people. God simply loves people too much. It amazes me to see that God never stops taking pity on people – even if we mess up.

Look, if people had treated me so badly so often, I would have annihilated them, but that is not what God does. 6… From the very first day you heard and recognized the truth of what God is doing, you’ve been hungry for more.  God loves us so much that He sent his Son to die for us, so that we can live! Wow! That is God at work here, no other being.

Sadly, this life-giving news is no longer astonishing. Sadly, we’ve become so used to it that we no longer experience it as God at work.

Maybe we should isolate ourselves from the rush of the world and reflect so that we can again come to a true realization of what God has done for us. Hopefully, it will truly sink in that we do not deserve this salvation at all. On the contrary, we deserve the exact opposite. Actually, God should spit us out and throw us away – that is what we deserve. But what do we get? Love, forgiveness, acceptance.

That is God at work!

But it did not only happen 2 000 years ago. No, God is still working today.

Margie wrote:

On the 23rd my kitchen burnt down, but I believe someone decided my time on earth was not at an end yet.

Just with a garden hose, my husband went into the flames in the kitchen and extinguished the fire.  If that fire had spread just one millimeter further, I, all our animals and my house would’ve been gone.

After this whole episode I do believe a GOD exists. 

That is God at work!

Or as Riekie said:

As I walked that valley of death so many times (because of my own immature and stupid choices), God was with me. Even when I was raped, sexually abused as a child, in my days of prostitution and being addicted to drugs! If He had not been with me in those moments, I would surely have died!

God knew what He had planned for me from the beginning and now I am doing just that! A gift that was given to me when I was still in my mother’s womb! A teacher, didn’t even go to University! I am now giving courses to recovering addicts and I love what I am doing! My early dreams being fulfilled!

Thank you, Lord, for knowing our paths! We might not get there without struggles, but when we start changing and following God, we end up exactly in the positions He had planned for us! Grace, mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love make this a reality!

And that is God at work here!


Colossians 1:1-8


Is God at work in your life?

Do you need Him?

He’s already there!


Yes, I really needed this one, Lord! Amen.

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