God's word in today's world

There really is a God. Check this story…

2 Corinthians 13:11-13

I dropped my Dad at the bus stop early yesterday morning (he was actually supposed to depart three days later, but his return journey was advanced unexpectedly).  I drove back home at leisure on the R44. Early on a summer morning our town is picturesque and the road is quiet. In a distance I saw a man walking, wearing a bright yellow and green jacket. He kept a good pace and seemed to walk with a plan in mind. When I passed him, I saw a blue flag in his backpack.

I vaguely remembered an e-mail I received months ago from somebody who shared a piece of his life with me. It was a man who started walking after retirement because of his health and he eventually kept on walking to collect money for people in need.

I’m not sure why, but I all of a sudden wondered if this was not the same guy. While I waited at the traffic light I once again checked in my rear view mirror but he was too far off by then. When the light switched to green, I turned left and left again and stopped at a pedestrian crossing on the R44.

“What are you doing?” I heard myself asking. “No, maybe this is the guy walking for people in need. “ “And what if it is not him?” came another question. Before I could get to an answer, I stopped the man in the yellow-green jacket: “Excuse me, are you the guy who’s walking?”

Hum, what kind of question is this? I tried to swallow back my words, but of course I had already disgraced myself.

“Yes”, he said, “I’ve been walking from PE and am on my way to Langebaan”.

I was stunned.

What is the chance that I drive on the R44? What is the chance of him walking on the pavement at that exact time? What is the chance that I do remember an e-mail and also make the link? Albert Einstein once said: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

I introduced myself. He said that he has read his Crossroads 247 piece only that very morning.

We were both amazed for a while.

We chatted and after a while he told me that he covers 60 kilometers per day and that he comes across a part which is difficult every day. He also said that God sends people along his way every day.

I was not sure what to say but I had this urge to ask for the blessings of the Lord over him. While we stood on the pavement with commuters passing us on their way to work, I asked God to bless Inus, for His mercy to accompany him on his way and for the Spirit to remain with him.

We said goodbye and while driving home I knew that this was a Divine appointment. At home I said to my wife: “There really is a God. Check this story…”

This morning, a day later, I ponder over the last few lines of Paul’s letter to the Corinthians and what does he do? He asks for the blessing of the Lord over the people of Corinth!

I wish to ask the blessing for you as well. 13The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen

Learn this verse by heart and call for the blessing of our Lord on the people whom He guides to cross your road. Many people need this! Wrap them in a Divine blanket of the kindness of Jesus, the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit.

The world will be a different place. Check this!


Do you believe in the blessing of God?

Do you realize that you also may call for this on others?

To whom can you send this?


Lord, You are so great. You are the best. You know who needs Your blessing. You know with whom I will get in contact that will need Your blessing. Make me sensitive to take note of them. Help me to recognise my Divine appointments. Please fill me with lots of confidence to be able to call for your blessing on others. Amen

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