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The victor’s crown waits for those who remain standing

In the ancient games, those who came first were rewarded with the victor’s crown. The crown was a wreath made from laurel leaves and twigs. Afterwards, each winner was celebrated, but the next morning the wreath had wilted and the athletes had to start training for the next year’s challenge.

The joy of the experience was huge, but as time went by and the victory became less vivid in the athlete’s memory, the joyful experience also faded. Everything is temporary.

Our victor’s crown has a different origin. 12Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.

But before we reach the crown, we have to realise that there will be hard times. We will experience temptations. No one is exempted from the challenges that come our way.

The biggest challenge is to remain standing while facing the challenge. And that’s not so easy for ordinary people. We don’t always have the skills or the knowledge. Sometimes we are emotionally overburdened and just want to curl up and hide away in a corner.

However, it’s better to face the challenge head-on and to make sure that we’re strong enough to overcome it. We need lots of knowledge and wisdom to do that. And we can get that from God’s Word.

We also receive guidance through our relationship with the Holy Spirit. Wisdom will help us realise that we cannot face the challenges on our own and that we’re too weak to overcome them.

When we succeed and successfully get through the hard season in our lives, we get up onto the winner’s podium and receive our victor’s crown.

This crown does not wilt like the laurel leave crown of the ancient Olympic Games. No, this one keeps forever. It is eternal life that will never end. When life on earth is over, the season of eternal life kicks off and will never end.

And that is promised by God. God says that if we endure the suffering of life, we become part of His family. It is through holding on and keeping on through life crises that we can show God how highly we honour Him, and because of that we will share in the benefits that God give to His children out of grace.

When we face another challenge, when the dark clouds gather on the horizon, we must focus our eyes on the victor’s crown. It must motivate us and give us strength to keep going. Let us never forget this.

James 1:12

How do you deal with the challenges you meet?
How can you keep your eyes on the throne?
Do you believe that that will give you the strength to overcome the challenge?

Lord, thank you for the promise that our victors crown is waiting for us. Help me keep standing, because sometimes it’s not going so well. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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