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The right milk

My daughter is a speech therapist. The field of speech therapy is much wider than just helping children with struggles to speak correctly. There are different areas in which to specialize.

One of them is lactation. That’s what my daughter specializes in. I was amazed by the new world that opened to me through her eyes. I never knew that premature babies have not yet developed the natural function of sucking.

Therefore, when a baby is born early, therapists must help the child to develop a sucking action. They have to help the mother too, because most of the time, she doesn’t know what to do either.

If the baby is not helped to develop the sucking action, the baby may die. The mother’s milk is vital. It has the nutrients the baby needs to grow.

Also interesting is that the mother’s milk changes as the baby grows and needs other nutrients. It is wonderful how God makes all things fit together.

We, as children of God, also need milk, spiritual milk. Like a baby needs milk to survive, so we need spiritual milk to become strong as children in the world.

2 Now, like infants at the breast, drink deep of God’s pure kindness. Then you’ll grow up mature and whole in God.

Mother’s milk is clean, there are no germs in it. It is pure and uncontaminated and will not cause a disease. The Word of God is pure and we should long for it.

In our world, there are many malnourished babies and many die because they do not get the vital mother’s milk or any food. If parents of premature babies do not know that the baby’s sucking function is not yet developed and if they do not get help with it, chances are that the baby will not survive.

We must ensure that we, who are still infants in the faith in many respects, receive the right nourishment. How can we survive as children of God if we do not eat God’s food every day?

We have a responsibility to make sure that we get food. We need to get the right spiritual food so that we can grow. Remember, babies can’t do much for themselves. It is only when they are older that they can look after themselves and then help others.

That is the calling of God’s children. We were put on earth to make a difference. We have to mature to make a difference. Therefore, we must make sure that we get the right spiritual food. Regularly, so that we grow into mature Christians who make a difference everywhere we go.

1 Peter 2:1-8

What spiritual food are you getting?
Are you getting enough?
Where else should you go to get more?

Father, I’m thirsty for the spiritual food that I can only get from You. Feed me with Your Word so that I can become spiritually strong. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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