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The pipe is blocked

Paul was a bit anxious about going to Corinth again. He was unsure about what he would find. He was afraid there would be 20… quarrels, jealousy, flaring tempers, taking sides, angry words, vicious rumours, swelled heads, and general bedlam … Paul was afraid that he would find 21… that the crowd keeps sinning over and over in the same old ways. He had put so much energy into these people, but still there were some who simply did not want to stop doing wrong.

Immediately one wonders why the people of Corinth were so stuck-up. Here they had this great man of God who came to show them how to live as a child of God, but they consciously chose not to accept his message. They slept around and continued in their old ways. Why didn’t they break with those ways? They knew which way was the right way.

But before we ask the people of Corinth too many questions, let’s ask ourselves those same questions. We know what is right and wrong. Or do we really know? Yes, we do things that are not the will of God. We know it on the inside. We don’t want to do it, but before we know it, we’ve fallen into the trap again. Then we feel guilty and promise sincerely not to do it again. But around the next corner, if conditions are favourable, there we go again.

I suspect Paul would be quite upset if he had to pitch up here. He would throw his hands in the air in dismay, wondering where everything went wrong.

If Jesus knocked on your front door right now, how would He feel about your life and the way you live every day?

Well, maybe we’re not sleeping around. Maybe we’re not that far off the road, but are we really doing exactly what God expects of us?

Some time ago I was sitting under the canopy next to my caravan looking up at the mighty mountain. The birds were singing and the frogs croaking. Some way off I could hear the water rushing over the rocks. In front of me is a small tributary of the river. The opening had closed during the previous floods. The tributary had actually formed a small dam and no water could get in or out. Slowly but surely the water was starting to go stagnant. It did not look or smell so good anymore. My son and I talked about this. Maybe we could dig an opening at the top towards the river so that new water could flow in again. But unfortunately that would be too much work.

It seems to be the same with our lives. We have less and less time for God. Eventually, He makes no impact on our lives anymore. No new water is flowing in with the result that it becomes stagnant. Before we know it sin has moved in and the smell is no longer so nice.

Maybe it’s time again to quietly take a look at our lives. We must find and eradicate those things that prevent God’s new water from flowing into our lives. The things that we have become so used to doing that we don’t even realise they are in the way. We must ask others to help us so that we can keep those things from blocking the pipe of God’s water of grace again. God would love to have his new water flow into and through us.

When we do that there will be no need for arguments and a lot of talking. Jesus will be satisfied and we will run through the world full of joy.

2 Corinthians 12:14-21


Where is the blockage in the pipe?

What must you get rid of?

How will you do it?



Our Father, please forgive my sins. I know that often in my life I allow the wrong things to block the pipe that brings You into my life. Please help to remove these wrongs actively from my life. Please help me to make plans not to fall into that trap again. Father, please fill me with your life-giving water. Amen

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