God's word in today's world

The lion around the corner

When I look back over my life I can see all the places where life was hard. At times I felt I was sinking. Yes, sometimes it even felt as if the end was near. Fortunately, God came through for me every time.

In hindsight it seems easy, but when you’re in the midst of that crisis you can hardly see light at the end of the tunnel. All you see is this monster that’s trying to destroy you. And in a way this is understandable. We’re only human.

A few times Paul found himself in a similar situation. And this is what he says: 17But it doesn’t matter—the Master stood by me and helped me spread the Message loud and clear to those who had never heard it. I was snatched from the jaws of the lion!

Paul isn’t talking about a real physical lion here. He’s using an image to describe the judge in court. But fortunately God came through for him and he could continue with his work.

What lion is standing in front of your door? What crisis are you facing that you cannot seem to get around? Is it a financial crisis or maybe a family crisis? Maybe something at work or something wrong with your health?

Unfortunately, this is part of life. In some seasons in your life it feels as if you’re always pushing against the wind. And that makes you feel so tired. Fortunately, there is good news too. The way God helped Paul not be devoured by the lion, God will help you too. The way God helped Paul complete his work, God will also help you to complete your task.

It doesn’t matter how huge and insurmountable the lion in your way is, God will help you. Like He did Leonie:

It took me years to get over the people who robbed me of everything during an armed robbery at work … my engagement and wedding rings, jewelry. My gold bracelet, and earrings, a gift from my children for my birthday just a week before.

I was tied up and dragged to the filing section. I knew they wanted to rape me …


They dropped me like a hot potato and stepped away! Our God is great! I had nothing left, BUT I’M ALIVE! JESUS protected me!

A few monster-sized lions with evil plans came into Leonie’s life. But they couldn’t execute their plans, because the forces of God protected her.

And God will protect you in the same way.

Maybe there are no lions around at the moment. Take this message and keep it in your armory. You might just need it around the next corner.

2 Tim 4:16-18

What does your lion look like?
What does your God look like?
Do you believe that He will come through for you?

Lord, I feel so distressed when a crisis feels beyond my control. You are the Almighty God and no problem is too big for You. Protect me in the midst of the chaos and mould me according to Your perfect will. Amen.

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