God's word in today's world

The Holy Spirit in action

Willie tells this story of how the Holy Spirit worked in him:

One morning as I was driving from Cullinan to Pretoria, I saw a neatly dressed old man with a beat-up wheelie suitcase walking in the same direction I was driving. I am totally opposed to picking up hitchhikers; you don’t even have to ask me why, because we all know why.

I drove past him as usual, but noticed how sweaty and exhausted he looked. About 1 km further the Holy Spirit told me to go back and pick up that man, but I fought against it! What if he pulled a gun and hijacked me? You know how well dressed the president of Wonderland is, but I still don’t trust him!

But He didn’t let go, and about a kilometre further I realised that I wasn’t going to hear the end of it, so I turned back reluctantly.

Now driving in the opposite direction I wanted to go, I went past the old man again. He was just standing there looking at the cars rushing past – a police van, two empty taxis, a Mazda Drifter, a Mercedes C series, a Tshwane Electricity Contractor in a Ford Ranger bakkie, another two half-filled taxis.

I turned around at the Mamelodi crossing (about 15 km from Pretoria), the first safe place to do so, even though it was at a solid line – at this stage, the country’s finances are in a worse condition than the traffic.

And he was still standing there!

When I pulled off the road, he picked up his suitcase and ran to my car, coming to a standstill at my car’s left back door. I lowered the left front window and invited him to get in. Thank you, Sir!

To summarise a long, companionable story short: The Lord had instructed him to go to Moria to pray for rain, and then to return to Ekangala where he worked at a coal mine.

So far, he said, the Lord had blessed him all the way, and he was very happy. And after this trip I knew: Somewhere it’s raining a lot!

7For the Holy Spirit, God’s gift, does not want you to be afraid of people, but to be wise and strong, and to love them and enjoy being with them.

Indeed, Willie’s story is reflected in this verse. Willie received strength, because we no longer do this today – to pick up a stranger along the way. Willie overflowed with love for others. Willie did do the right thing.

May such stories be written about the way we do things too. May we keep our ears open for the voice of the Holy Spirit and may we always do what He tells us to do.

Then God’s world will definitely look different.

2 Timothy 1:3-7

Do you acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s voice inside you?
Are you prepared to respond obediently, even if it’s uncomfortable and inconvenient?

Holy Spirit, I confess today that I don’t always hear Your voice. And when I do hear it, I’m not always ready to respond. Have mercy on me and please help me to rely more and more on Your guidance inside me. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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