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The Holy Spirit and you in control

The Spirit gives you power. The Spirit makes you overflow with love for others. And He helps us not to do the wrong things. The third fruit of the Spirit is summed up in one word in The Living Bible: Self-control.

Many of us often fall short with this one. When circumstances go south a little, the wheels of self-control quickly come off. Usually we can control ourselves well. Even if the other person goes on the attack, we stay calm and talk gently to calm the storm shaking the other person around.

But when circumstances are favourable for self-control to get out of control, war is waiting around the corner. Especially when you’re tired. Then it seems as if you’re not as careful anymore. The guards that have to ensure that you remain in control simply do not have the power to get up or to withstand the attack. In times like these we blow our tops and say things that should’ve remained unsaid.

That’s life. There are times when life drains our batteries. Stress at work takes a lot of energy. We’re tired when we get home – Sweetheart mentions this or that needs attention. With the soldiers exhausted, there is no stopping you. Self-control loses control and before we know it, we leave a few bodies in our wake.

This is actually a weak point in our armour. I suspect it’s a side effect of the fall. The fall wounded all of us and we must realise that on our own we are too weak to always be in control of everything.

But we can do something about it. There is someone who is a master in this field and wants to help us – the Holy Spirit. You see, He wasn’t damaged in the fall. The Holy Spirit is always in control, it doesn’t matter how well the ground has been prepared for the opposite.

God knew the impact of the fall would leave us with a few weak points. Fortunately, God did not leave us to our own devices with our limited powers. No, He gave us his Spirit to help us. He knows what it is like to be in control.

The Holy Spirit really wants to help each of us to be in control in all circumstances. He wants to take us by the hand and assist us at every difficult crossing in the road. He wants to show us how it is done.

The problem is that He cannot really help us if He isn’t part of our lives. He doesn’t stand far away with a megaphone in his hand, screaming at people. That is not the way He does things. His voice is soft; it does not roar louder than the world’s thunder.

We know this. We know the Holy Spirit speaks softly. We know we should make space for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. We know we have to make an appointment with ourselves to sit quietly and listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which, by the way, is available to all God’s children, is to be in control at all times – even if the ground has been prepared for the opposite.

Is this true for your life?

2 Timothy 1:3-7

Are you always in control?
When do you sometimes lose it?
What must you do differently?

Father, your Holy Spirit fills us with power and love and self-control. Thank for this gift from You. Please help me use it every day so that I will glorify your Name through the way I act. Amen.

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