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The Holy Spirit and the love glasses

One of the results of the Holy Spirit living in us is that we receive love for others. Other people and their needs start becoming more important than our own issues.

Before God’s Spirit came to live inside us, we didn’t notice the needs of others. It was all a blur. In a way the Holy Spirit gives us glasses that make the needs of others clear to us. Now we can see it. The only question is whether we are doing something about it.

The Holy Spirit whispers loudly in our eyes to see others’ needs and to go and sow God’s love. God longs to make a difference in other people’s needs and you and I are his dedicated hands and feet. Everything is neatly set up for a huge miracle in that person’s life. But it often flops, because we are simply not where God wants to use us.

But not Alwyn (not his real name):

I’m the manager at a warehouse in Midrand, with about 150 packers working here.

The Holy Spirit led me to give each of them a Bible to read in his or her own language. I made a list and ordered the Bibles. I explained the steps to salvation and put a printout of that in each Bible.

One of the highlights was when someone stopped me once and said he was resigning. When I asked why, he told me that he had started to read the Bible I had given him one day. And he had given his heart to the Lord.

The Holy Spirit had called him to become a missionary.

I was overcome with emotion and praised the Lord and thanked Him for the task.

Someone else also witnessed that she had given her heart to the Lord.

I planted the seed, GOD watered it.

Glory to our heavenly Father.

I wondered what would’ve happened had Alwyn not listened to the Holy Spirit’s whisper. I wondered what would’ve happened to the people who wouldn’t have had a missionary if Aalwyn hadn’t allowed the Holy Spirit to grow love for others in him.

The Holy Spirit has the glasses in his hand, the glasses that bring others and their need in focus for you. Why don’t you put it on? But even more than that, will you start doing something about it? Will you allow the love that the Holy Spirit plants in us to start flowing and the world to start becoming a better place for those that are loved?

I don’t know if I can be honest enough to answer yes to each of these questions. I know I should say yes. I want to say yes, but I’m afraid to say yes and then disappoint again.

But I am going to try and allow the Holy Spirit to put his love glasses on me. I will allow the love for others to grow in me. I’m going to try hard that others may feel his love in me.

Do you hear the Holy Spirit?
Do you feel love for others?
Do others feel your love?

Loving Father, You are an example of love, because You are love. Because You live in me, I’m filled with your love too. Please help me so that I can share it with others. Amen.

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