God's word in today's world

The bus driver will stop for you

There’s this cute story about a little boy waiting on the sidewalk for the bus. He was very patient and quietly stood there waiting.

A man came past and said: “Young man, if you’re waiting for the bus, you’ll have to go and wait at the next corner. That’s where the bus picks up passengers. You’re going to wait very long here, because the bus doesn’t stop here.”

The man tried to explain it to the little boy, but he didn’t move. While he was trying to persuade the child to move, the bus came around the corner, slowed down and stopped so that the boy could get in.

As he stepped into the bus, the boy turned around and smiling broadly at the man, said: “Sir, I knew the bus would stop here. The bus driver is my daddy.”

God is our bus driver and He will stop anywhere for us. The question is if you know it? Do you believe it? Do you believe that God will come and pick you up in the darkest corners of the world? Do you believe that God will leave no stone unturned to come and pick you up if you call out to Him?

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve turned away from God. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter how long ago you kneeled before Him last. He will always come when you call.


The answer is provided in this line of six words:

11But you, Timothy, man of God ...

But this is not only true for Timothy. Each of us who invited Jesus into our lives belongs to God. It is true, we belong to God. We exist, because we belong to God. We’re not just another human being. No, we have enormous value, because God had made us.

We may call the Almighty God our Father. You know what? This heavenly Dad of mine knows my name. He called each of us by name and we are His and He will stop the bus anywhere to pick us up.

Do you know how much value you have? You belong to God and He is extremely proud of you! It doesn’t matter how much baggage you are dragging along with you. It does not affect your value in God’s eyes.

When God looks at you and sees how you are struggling, His heart breaks. Then He really wants to send an angel to you to change your situation within the blink of an eye. But He doesn’t do it, because He also knows what is best for you. Maybe at this moment you can’t see that your circumstances and God’s passion for you are in line. But know this: You belong to God.

You are one of the special people chosen by God to be his child. Therefore, you have value. You are royal, because your Dad is the King. That is why you can walk out there today as a princess or prince.

Walk out and face the world with all its challenges. Do things the way your Dad wants you to do them. Meet your challenges head on, knowing that your Dad is there with you to help you with power and wisdom.

And remember: You can stick out your arm anywhere and the bus will stop, because your Dad is the bus driver after all.

1 Timothy 6:11-12

Do you believe the bus will stop for you anywhere?
Do you believe that your heavenly Father is the bus driver?
Does it make you walk through life differently?

Our Father in heaven, thank you that I can call you my Father. Thank you for being good to me and stopping anywhere for me. Please help me stay on the road. Please help me tackle life and my problems and keep on believing that You walk with me in the world. Amen.

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