God's word in today's world

Talk your talk and walk your walk

1 Corinthians 14:1-40

In the congregation of Corinth things were sometimes really in disorder. Especially the gift of speaking in strange tongues was sometimes misused and lead to unhappiness. Paul, who often spoke in tongues himself, teaches them gently and removes all uncertainties regarding this topic. This whole chapter may be summarised by the last two verses:  39So then, my friends, set your heart on proclaiming God’s message, but do not forbid the speaking in strange tongues. 40Everything must be done in a proper and orderly way.

This is not only applicable to the gift of tongues but also to all other gifts. All gifts are given to inspire and deepen other people. If it does not encourage others we immediately have to question it and work on it.

We have to remember that we are the mirror reflecting Jesus to the world. When we experience chaos in our relationships the world sees a distorted image. If we create factions in the church and start throwing stones, the world laughs and mocks. We have to realise that the world watches us closely.

Yes, the world loves to blow up small things and before we know it we have to take responsibility for something which is out of our control. We as Christians have to be extra careful of the image of Jesus that we project to the world. And now I also warn myself because I often don’t care what others think and I do what I like. Also be careful to say what you think. Be sensitive to the way others value things and make sure that God’s image and the gospel are not harmed.

Keep in mind what Paul did. Where people did not eat sacrificed food, he didn’t even look at the delicious food even though he must have been hungry and felt like a small chop. Sometimes we have to surrender and give up.so that others are not lead into temptation.

Johnny says that years ago they sang the following song:

“What you are, speaks so loud,

that the world can’t hear what you say.

They’re looking at your walk,

not listening to your talk,

they’re judging by your actions every day”

These are hard words talking to each and every child of God!

May God have mercy upon us and help us to walk a straight road. May God help us to reflect His true image. May we tell others about Him everywhere we go and if necessary, use words.


Where do you have to be careful?

Where do you have to live God’s Word to the full?

Who are the people to whom God calls you?


Father, help me to reflect a real image of You to others. Help me not to become so busy with my own stuff that people cannot see You through my life. Amen

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