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Talk to the Lord

Like it happens in all marriages, my wife and I sometimes also argue. Often about the smallest of things and then a cold war threatens. No one enjoys it. Then one of us will make a weak joke and when the other one can’t help laughing, we raise the white flag.

I’ve thought about this many times. Why would two people who love one another go to war about such minor things? I’ve noticed that most often there is one common factor: Too little or poor communication. We become so caught up in our own interests that we no longer talk to one another. When stress enters by the front door, talking to one another leaves by the back door and we quickly become strangers to one another.

Strangers have no space for one another. Strangers are not patient. Strangers do not understand one another and quickly become irritated with the other one’s way of doing things. Strangers have no passion for one another. Strangers cannot forgive.

Then I realised that if my wife and I do not talk to one another often enough and do not have a date every day to meet over a cup of coffee, things start going wrong. When we get together, I hear her needs and she hears mine. We give advice and help to carry one another’s load.

Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. This does not apply only to the relationship in a marriage, but also to relationships at work and among friends.

And with God as well. How can we know what God wants us to do if we do not spend time with Him? Wow, we can be so blind. We complain endlessly because we don’t know what direction we should go; because we have no idea what to choose when we have a big decision to make; and then we complain about God: God doesn’t answer us!

Maybe it’s a good idea to make some time for God. Listen: 17 pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens.

Constant, long talks with God will change you. It equips you for the life out there. Linda tells the following story:

Every evening, Grandma leads the devotions. Every evening she prays a prayer of thanks. She complains about nothing and asks for nothing. This frustrated her children to no end, because no matter if there was a good harvest, drought, illness, or whatever, Grandma always had something to be grateful for.

Then one day all that was left after a drought was destroyed in a hail storm – nothing was left standing. That evening the children and grandchildren waited with baited breath to hear if Grandma would still find something to be grateful for. Her prayer: “Thank you, Lord, that every day isn’t like today.”


This woman’s prayer was a testimony of a deep, intense relationship with God. May such stories be told about us too one day.


1 Thessalonians 5:16-22


Do you talk to the Lord?

How long?

Is it enough?


Lord, I talk far too little to You. I know that. And my life shows it. Let me take a stand today and devote time to You every morning, before life starts rushing around. Otherwise I know I will have to take the consequences. Amen.

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