God's word in today's world

Take away the mirror in front of you

Let’s be honest with one another. The world is not doing well. Mankind isn’t doing well. It’s a struggle to survive. People step on one another to get ahead. And those who get to the top are anxious. They worry and wonder how long they’ll be able to stay on top.

Outside in the world you’re urged to perform quicker and better, and if you don’t run at the head of the pack with the big dogs, you’re nothing. Something drives us to get a bigger house and a better car. And when everybody crawls back into their holes and draw their blankets over their heads, loneliness drives them to despair.

And the cause? Sin – sin has pushed a mirror between man and God so that people see only themselves instead of God, as was intended.

We have been created to see God’s greatness and goodness and to glorify Him for that. As soon as we no longer see God, we get lost and run after the wrong things in life. That is the result of sin and makes man steal God’s honour and glory.

That kite is not going to fly. Sin has distorted everything, but we still wonder why we are not really happy. To reach true happiness, makarios, again, we must spend serious time with God’s words.

The Word of God teaches us to knock sin out cold. It teaches us to get rid of that mirror that we love to look into. In this mirror we focus only on ourselves and it gives such a distorted view of reality.

When I focus on God, the own self is no longer that important. Then my needs don’t come first, but God and his will. Then I suddenly see others and their needs. Then it is no longer important to see what I can get out of life, but rather where I can give to others and help those who are struggling.

God’s Word and the Gospel set us free. It sets us free from ourselves and our own desires. It sets us free from our sin and the powers that want to pull us further into the world.

Indeed it is here, in God’s Word, that we discover Him and where we can really see Him, 11this great God. You see, when we pull away the mirror, we are no longer blinded by ourselves, but see God. The more we walk through God’s Word, the bigger the reality of God grows in our lives, and we become more and more aware of his greatness. Then we realise it is not us that are so great, but God, and that everything comes through grace.

The world does not need a great president. For the world to become normal again, to become happy and filled with peace, there is only one answer: God. God who overflows with goodness. That is the only answer.

May you and I push away the mirror that sin put between us and God. May we personally experience God’s greatness and goodness and may we be the people who will live this in the world out there, so that the world can become good again.


1 Timothy 1:8-17


What causes a mirror to come between you and God?
What must you do to remove the mirror?
How great is your God?


Father, You are almighty. You can overcome any problem; none is too big for You. I need You in my life. I’m tired of only seeing myself. Show Yourself to me, so that I personally can experience Your greatness and goodness. Amen.

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