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I don’t like reading much, but for some reason I found Foeta Krige’s book quite interesting. So much so, that waiting at the airport for the flight for our week-long tour to Namibia, I decided to buy myself a copy of SABC 8.

Wow, I was left gasping by the stories he tells. And yes, they are negative experiences. Biggest of these is probably the one about the man who hoisted himself up to the position of COO of the SABC. He rewarded himself with millions of Rand, fired those who didn’t want to do what he said left and right, even changed the constitution to enforce unauthorised censorship. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All of this without ever passing matric and lying about it on his application form.

That’s just sick.

This had far-reaching consequences and left bodies along the way. Only his bosses, whose pawn he was, thought he was the best thing since sliced bread.

I suspect he did not become so corrupt on his own. He was a pawn and his instructions came from the top. He simply followed where they led. He simply did and said what they did and said.

And “they” indeed strangled everything they stood for and believed in. How can you simply do the opposite and steal from your people, your country, and others, and kill the dreams that brought you together?

But let’s leave it there. I don’t think they will be able to provide any meaningful answers.

The major problem is that they were blinded. They took their eyes off freedom and equality for all and focused on their own gain. As a result, a whole country’s economy collapsed and people were deprived of a lot.

Why am I telling this story?

When we allow the truth to be violated, chances are everything will collapse.

We must learn from this. We must ensure that what we believe in is not lessened. Paul warns Titus: 1But as for you, speak up for the right living that goes along with true Christianity. And 7And here you yourself must be an example to them of good deeds of every kind.

That poor COO of the SABC did not get a good example from the top. What they learned from the governing party, what they fought and stood for, was infected with selfishness. They no longer asked, “What can I give?” but rather, “What can I take?” And their followers simply followed.

It always remains our responsibility to ensure that the leaders we follow convey the pure learning of our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We are responsible for the people in whose footsteps we follow. Ensure that they take the right steps. Help them to learn God’s Word and take their words from there one by one, and help them to live those words purely in the world.

Titus 2:6-8

Where are impure spots?
Where may you need to shine your light?
Where do you need to speak up?

Lord, You call on us to be part of the Light. We must shine our light in the dark world, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the consequences. Please guide me to do the right thing. Amen.

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