God's word in today's world

Take a firm stand!

It’s winter in the Cape. Although it’s not raining as much as before, a cold front still passes by now and then. The fierce winds shake the trees around and I know when daylight comes it will look chaotic outside.

That could be a picture of our lives. Sometimes the storm winds are so bad that you can hardly stay on your feet. Then it’s better to find shelter where you can be safe. If the winds catch you in the open, chances are you’ll be swept off your feet.

When we’re in danger, we fall back on instinct. Survival instinct kicks in and you start looking for a place of safety. A place that can shelter you against major danger.

What winds in your life make you feel as if they will overcome you? What frightening storms are raging around you? Have you lost control? Is your faith falling apart because of this?

Then,15friends, take a firm stand, feet on the ground and head high. Keep a tight grip on what you were taught, whether in personal conversation or by our letter.

In hard times when we start pulling away from God, we should indeed turn back to Him. Then we should indeed go back to the promises made in the Bible. Then we should again make those truths part of our whole being, because that gives us strength to try again.

In God’s Word we find wisdom to make the right choices in a fierce struggle. Here we find guidance about what to do next. Here our faith is strengthened and uncertainty driven out.

You have to hold onto the words of God with all your might. Without that, life falls apart. I see someone who has been badly shaken apart by the winds of life. I suspect he wouldn’t or couldn’t go back to the Word of God. Today he is in a place where he shakes his fists at God and rejects Him, and laughs at those who believe in Him.

Are you really happy deep inside?

A life without wisdom makes people muddle around in the dark and trip. They are beaten black and blue. It is so unnecessary, because the wisdom that will keep you on the road is available for all.

Petrie says we all have a destiny in life. Each of us has been called to walk in Jesus’ footsteps. He wrote:

There are some destinies on our way that have to be fulfilled. Jesus expects us to continue with his work. A word of encouragement; a shoulder to cry on. A hug for someone who is lonely; a gift for someone who is longing for something he/she cannot afford. Therefore, I pray that God will open the eyes of my soul so that I will be able to recognise every calling and that God will give me the power, grace, wisdom and insight to fulfill every calling.

We need wisdom to survive the fierce winds. We need wisdom to live our calling. We need wisdom simply to live. Therefore, we need to study God’s Word, because this is where we find the answers, joy and peace.


2 Thessalonians 2:13-17


What winds do you have in your life that make you feel you will go under?

Where do you find wisdom and guidance?

What do you believe in?


Father, we know where to find help. We know what we have to hold onto, but it’s hard! We drift away so easily, looking for places to hold onto that will be no help at all when the storms rage around us. I want to come back. I want to use your words as my anchor. Amen.

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