God's word in today's world


On the right paths

I’m sitting in the steam room, emptying myself. Somewhere someone said this is the way to get all toxins from your body. In my mind, however, I picture all the fat dripping from my body piece by piece. The other day my friend asked me if I knew where fat goes to. I wanted to […]

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A light and a lamp unto my feet

Today it is not so easy to make the right decisions at every crossroads. Each person has a different idea about what you should do, and any of the four directions feels right to you. Which one to take? Which one is right? I don’t want to go down one road realising after a day […]

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Faith in Jesus is more than enough

A builder friend phoned me up and told me a story about a contractor who had been working for him on his building projects for years. I knew my friend as a person who loved sharing the Gospel with everyone, without forcing it on them. After years of listening to my friend’s witness, the contractor […]

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A life leading others

I like pottering around with stuff, even though I have no idea what is going on sometimes. I still remember the old rotavator on the farm. You hooked it up to a tractor and used it to plow the land. One day as we were once again struggling to finish the work, I decided to […]

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Begin at the beginning

Timothy’s calling was to proclaim the Gospel of God. He had to go to a world that has not yet heard Jesus’ message of salvation. He was instructed to: 13Stay at your post reading Scripture, giving counsel, teaching. If this verse is translated directly from the original text, it sounds like this in English: Give […]

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Clean your glasses

One of the biggest challenges in Paul and Timothy’s time was that a group of men came and made out that they had all the right answers. They preached wherever and whenever they could, but their message was not pure and led to many controversies and conflict. They were so sure of themselves that they […]

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To meet the author of the Bible

Sometimes it feels as if there are as many opinions about the Bible as there are people on earth. People quote truths from the Bible that makes me wonder where they found it, because it is often the opposite of what I had read. I know we should allow one another space, because each of […]

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How to help a friend

When Paul encourages us to help our friends who have lost their way, he makes a good suggestion: 16… And sing, sing your hearts out to God! And, if like us, he had the Old and the New Testament bound as one book, he would probably have written as follows: Use the Word of God, […]

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Know your Bible, or lose the war

Ephesians 6:10-20 Paul used an image very familiar to the people of Ephesus to explain to them how they had to prepare themselves for the spiritual war that they and we too, of course, have to fight every day. The image he used was that of a Greek soldier’s armour. ·       Without a proper belt […]

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