God's word in today's world


Silence is an answer too

I get a lot of questions about many things in the Bible. How much water do you need to be baptised? How will we look when we move from this life to eternity? Is dancing sinful? May I ink this or that picture on my body? How is God involved in all of life’s pain […]

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Faith grows through struggles

Do you struggle sometimes? Are things hard sometimes? Everything not going smoothly at work or in your business? Do you and your spouse sometimes argue about the stupidest thing? Do you feel that you’ve taken enough knocks from life now and just want to take a breather? Are you sometimes, or right now, up to […]

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Wisdom coaches along the way

When you’re young and wild, you think you know everything. You don’t mind taking someone on who doesn’t think and do like you do. You actually wish everybody would be more like you are, because then the world would be a much better place. But the older you get, the more you realise that you […]

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Richest Treasures

Every day we see shiny treasures being advertised on television, on billboards along the road, and in catalogues left in our mail boxes. Shiny, expensive diamonds in rings and necklaces looking so very appealing. Many people are ready and eager to collect treasures in safes. Women especially love it. It reminds of the time when […]

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Learning a sweaty lesson

After writing the previous piece, I went to gym for my daily sweat session. For me, exercise doesn’t come naturally and it takes a whole lot of motivation just to get me there every time. But that is only half the motivation, because as I walk through the door it is hard not to simply […]

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Decision-making partner

A young man is in trouble. He stole money, not a lot, just a R100, and now he is in trouble. He’s a good boy, with an open, honest face, but for whatever reason, a vice in his head led him astray so that he made the wrong choice. I ask him whether he thinks […]

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Peace where there is no peace

Philippians 4:10-20 Paul has experienced both sides of life. He has done this so often that it was actually too much. However, he also had too little, actually nothing: 12I’m just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. For many of us this sounds quite familiar. Especially about suffering hardship […]

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