God's word in today's world


Watch out for the guy with the Bible under his arm

We know not everything and everyone in the world are good. Although some things look good, it remains our responsibility to make sure that we do not stray from the path. We are so easily blinded by that apparent beauty and prosperity, only to discover around the next corner that we’ve been taken for a […]

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It’s a process

I always thought my faith in God was my responsibility. I had to study his Word rigorously and take in as much as possible of the truth to strengthen my faith in God. But now I know it does not depend on me alone. Thank goodness, because I won’t make it on my own. 13… […]

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Some spiritual know-alls warra-warra

Once, driving around with a friend, we talked about how we experienced the way other people lived according to their faith. I told him that I sometimes felt inferior compared to the way other people did things. The way in which they lived their faith sometimes made me feel guilty and then I questioned the […]

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A lesson in a package of shame

Dishonesty will come to light some time or another. Yes, our wrong deeds are forgiven, and that is wonderful, but in a way, wrong deeds always come to light. I still remember when my friends and I were ten years old and decided to try smoking. We got some money together and bought a packet […]

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God’s truth or not

Each of us has a personal responsibility to test whether the information we hear and see fits within God’s truth. So many people spread their own understanding of the Bible as the only correct way of understanding. What is the truth and who is missing the point? The driver at the garage where I have […]

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The strong belt of truth

Ephesians 6:10-20 The year I spent on the border doing military service was fortunately one of the quieter times with little contact with the enemy. However, I was never afraid, because I was a ratel (an armoured vehicle) gunner. We were ready for battle with the right weapons and right protective vehicle. In the same […]

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50 Shades of a white lie

We were told straight out that we must leave that old life behind. We must wash our clothes so that we can put on clean clothes again. Those dirty deeds belong in the past; the good deeds belong in the present. But it’s not a switch we can flip and suddenly we’re switched off for […]

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Only the truth

Tall trees catch the most wind. A lot of wind. If you give yourself out to be a toffee, somewhere along the way someone will chew on you. This is what happened to Paul. A group of false prophets in Corinth was spreading lies about Paul and worst of all, some members of the congregation […]

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Another 20c for the truth

My mother was an exceptional woman. She brought up six boisterous children. Sundays in church she sat stock still, not moving an inch, although she had to keep all six of us in check, because she was the pastor’s wife, you know. One thing about her that I will never forget was her 110% honesty. […]

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